Outdoor vs. Indoor grows

Growing weed outdoors is considered by many to be the best way to grow a potent, flavorful, and high-quality product. Growing indoors will of course give you more control over virtually every factor,marijuana plants growing from the lights to the irrigation, from the humidity to the temperature. Although indoor growing would theoretically result in a higher quality product (and many indoor grown crops are indeed some of the best and most potent marijuana available), there is just something about outdoor grown weed that makes it just a bit more special. Call it a placebo effect if you will, but there will always be a hardcore faction of marijuana users who prefer outdoor to indoor grown any day.

If you are planning to plant outdoors, you should be prepared to deal with factors that are practically non-existent when you grow weed indoors. Pests, theft, and detection by both law enforcement authorities and the public are only some of the many factors that you will have to consider when planting outdoors. If you are prepared to deal with these factors, you should find outdoor growing to be a rewarding undertaking in more ways than one!

Marijuana Seeds

All good crops begin with the seed. The marijuana growing community is divided into two camps with regard to how to start seeds. Some recommend starting of the seeds indoors, while others advocate starting them off where they will ultimately be planted. Starting seeds indoors will likely produce more sprouts, although there is a risk of transplant shock killing many of them off before they have had a chance to grow. When starting off the seeds in their ultimate location, fewer seeds are likely to sprout although most are likely to survive into adulthood.

In any case, you should always start with healthy, good quality seeds. If you have a good batch of weed, you might want to start with those seeds and upgrade to fancier, ‘boutique’ seeds after you have become more experienced. Experts recommend that you soak the seeds in distilled water overnight prior to planting. If the seeds are in good health, they should sprout in five days or so.

Transplanting Seedlings

When transplanting the seedlings,Marijuana plants that are healthy you should leave a clump of soil around each one’s roots. You might also want to add transplant chemical to help offset the shock of being transplanted. The soil in which the seedlings will be transplanted should also be prepped beforehand by turning it over and adding a cup of hydrated lime for every square yard of soil. The best type of soil for planting is one that us easy to form into a ball, but that falls apart easily as well. It might also be a good idea to add a little bit of water soluble nitrogen fertilizer to the mix.

Position each seedling so that it is three or more feet away from the next closest plant. This will give your plants enough room to grow and prevent stunting. Although it is important to make sure that your plants get enough water, you should also avoid overwatering, which can cause rotting of the plant’s roots.


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