Storing marijuana may seem like something of a no-brainer, but the material you choose to store it in actually has a significant effect on the flavor, quality and even potency of the weed.

The most common materials by far are glass and plastic, and each has its own unique properties that may make it more – or less – suitable for storing weed. Are you wondering which one is the best material for your needs? The following information should help you decide!

Common containers for storing weed

Before getting into the qualities of glass and plastic, let’s take a look at some of the more common containers that people use for storing weed. Some people keep their buds in a zip-lock bag, while others keep them in a tin box. Some people have even been known to keep weed in a cardboard box or even in paper wrapping, which is definitely not a good idea.

Glass vs Plastic Weed Jar


Storing weed in jars is the best option

If you really want to preserve the condition of your weed, glass is definitely the best option. A virtually inert material, glass won’t leach any unpleasant odors and flavors into your weed. A good-sized glass jar will also display your weed in a much more visually pleasing manner, which might be important if you buy large quantities of weed and want to hold on to it for a long time.

Why you shouldn’t store weed in plastic

Although it would seem that plastic makes for an ideal material to store marijuana in, there are a number of reasons why you should consider glass instead. Many types of plastics can leach chemical odors into the contents, making what would otherwise be a pleasant smoke almost worthless.

Keeping your weed in a baggie will also result in static cling, which can cause your weed to separate from the buds and breakdown into shake. This would be an unfortunate waste of good weed, and will result in a much less pleasant smoking experience.

Choosing the right type of glass jar

bagging nugsIf you are convinced that glass is the way to go, you have a number of options available to you. A good way to go is to store your weed into a prescription pill bottle, which you can purchase virtually anywhere. The primary benefit of these types of containers is that they are airtight, which will keep your weed fresh for much longer. They are also amber-colored, which is a particularly important quality for storing weed.

In fact, if you do opt for glass, you will have to take care to keep it out of direct sunlight. Like most other organic substances, marijuana will deteriorate significantly when exposed to direct sunlight. Over time, this can reduce the quality of your weed, making it dry, crumbly, and less flavorful than it should be.

One other thing to consider is the lid of the container. It should be as airtight as possible in order to keep air and moisture out. This will preserve the quality of your weed for the longest possible time.

Storing concentrates

Cannabis concentrates generally last a lot longer than flower buds, but similar principles apply to optimal storage. Check out this page on how to store concentrates for more information.


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