On the hunt for the next best thing for your glass collection? You can’t go wrong with Terp Tubes. Here are the top 5 Terp Tubes waterpipes, perfect for every occasion.

What is Terp Tube? 

Terp Tube is a brand that makes rigs and water pipes designed to amplify the flavors of your favorite herbs or concentrates. The brand was built by dedicated cannabis connoisseurs with a special focus on concentrates, and they worked tirelessly to develop a line of affordable water pipes, rigs, and bongs that met their standards. Each one is made from a heavy-duty borosillicate glass and designed carefully with function and flavor at the center of their engineering process. These things pull better than most water pipes out there, but more importantly, they’re still affordable. You definitely want one for your collection— nothing pulls or tastes better than these little beauties.

5 Best Terp Tubes Bongs 

If you need a little help choosing from the selection of Terp Tubes water pipes available to you, have no fear. Below are the best of the best models, chosen by ratings and our personal experiences.

1. Terp Tube Stack — Flower 

terp tubes water pipe
Terp Tubes Stack Water Pipe

When it comes to flower bongs, you want something large enough to cool the smoke and smooth out the hits — and you can’t go wrong with the Stack. Stack is one of the best Terp Tubes water pipes for flower since it comes with two percs for filtration and a built-in ice catcher. Inside you’ll find a matrix perc and a disc perc and two honeycomb filters for improved bubbling and filtration. At 15” tall, the thing offers massive hits, but they’re incredibly smooth. Even with all the bells and whistles, Stack is easy to pull from and brings out the best possible flavors in your flower.  Learn more.

2. Terp Tube Klein — Flower and Concentrates 

Terp Tubes Klein Water Pipe
Terp Tubes Klein Water Pipe

If you’re looking for a more versatile piece of glass for your collection, check out the Klein. Klein is one of many Terp Tubes dab rigs, but it offers quite a few perks over their other models. Standing at 9” tall, it’s the perfect size for a tabletop dab rig. It offers superior diffusion with a recycler and disc perc built into the design for ultra-smooth hits, but you’ll also find multiple chambers inside designed to cool your smoke without filtering out all of the delicious terpenes that make your concentrates taste amazing. The Klein comes with a 14mm bowl slide, but it’s perfect for both concentrates and flower with the addition of a quartz nail.  Learn more.

3. Terp Tube Inline — Flower and Concentrates 

Terp Tubes Dab Rig
Terp Tubes Inline Water Pipe

The Inline is another great choice if you want to smoke both concentrates and flower from your next water pipe. The Inline is on the small side, so it’s nearly unmatched for dabbing. However, it’s small but mighty standing at 6” tall. The Inline comes with a small inline perc that provides a good amount of diffusion. Since it isn’t overly crazy in terms of percs, it pulls exceptionally well and preserves more terpenes than most. If flavor is the name of the game, you can’t go wrong with the Inline — especially at its incredibly affordable price. Learn more.

4. Fat Bottom Terp Tube — Flower and Concentrates 

Terp Tube Dab Rig
Terp Tube Fat-Bottom Dab Rig

If you’re on the clumsier side and looking for something more stable for your table, opt for the Fat Bottom Terp Tube. It stands at 7.5” tall, but comes with an extra large base so that you’re way less likely to knock it over and damage it. Under the hood is a multi-slit diffuser that allows for cooler, smoother hits and superior flavors. It comes with a 14mm male slide, but its design is perfect for dabbing with a quartz banger. Either way, you can count on it to pull well and preserve flavors at an affordable price. Learn more.

5. Terp Tube Lil’ Chugger — Concentrates 

Terp Tubes Lil Chugger
Terp Tubes Lil Chugger Dab Rig

Lil’ Chugger is the pinnacle of Terp Tubes rigs. Its small size is fantastic for preserving the flavors of your favorite concentrates, but it’s still large enough to cool the vapor down for a tasty, cool hit. At 5” tall, Lil’ Chugger pulls like a champ and cools your hits down wiith a small built-in disc diffuser. It’s ideal for concentrates due to its small size, but it can be used with 14mm bowl slides too, if you’d like. Lil’ Chugger comes in a ton of different colors and is one of the most affordable options on this list, so you really can’t go wrong. Learn more.

There you have it, folks. These are the top 5 best Terp Tubes out there. Just keep in mind that you really can’t go wrong with any of the Terp Tubes models. They’re all sturdy and fitted perfectly for incredible hits and flavors at all price points.


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