Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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We’ve got the low-down on the best stoner series on Netflix, top marijuana documentaries, and smoker attractions across the country.

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loon freed from prison

Rapper Loon Freed from Prison After Serving Nine Years for Non-Violent Drug Charge

More good news on the criminal justice reform front, although it may be bittersweet: Loon has been freed after 9 years in prison for...
run the jewels branded cannabis strain

Run The Jewels Unveils New Branded Cannabis Strain

Run the Jewels can be described as a collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P, or a supergroup -- but the team has been busy...
banksy art collection toronto dispensary toyko snmoke

Banksy Graffiti Art Becomes Permanent Feature at Toronto Dispensary

Banksy is renowned for ephemeral artwork, whether it’s graffiti, street installations, or self-destructing art pieces that trigger upon sale. That’s not to say people...
waldo on weed documentary medical marijuana cancer

Waldo On Weed: An Uplifting New Documentary About Cannabis Oil for Children With Cancer

Advocates of medical marijuana have often cited the need for access to certain cannabinoids for medical use in part because there are a number...
tucker carlson racial stereotypes bernie sanders

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Is Using Racist Stereotypes To Discourage Voting For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been very clear on his stance around the Drug War, and really about every war. Sanders has been anti-war since at...
netflix singapore block marijuana shows

Netflix To Block Marijuana Shows Following Government Demand

In the United States there’s a First Amendment protection for the “press” -- which includes freedom from religious doctrine but also protections...
best marijuana propaganda movies

The 5 Best Marijuana Propaganda Films to Watch When You’re Stoned

Cannabis has had a long history of being misunderstood.  Late in the 19th century countries all over the world began banning cannabis...
whoopi maya

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Has Shut Down

One of the biggest flops of the dotcom era was Flooz, an “e-currency” that predated Bitcoin. Do you remember when anything dealing...

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