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We’ve got the low-down on the best stoner series on Netflix, top marijuana documentaries, and smoker attractions across the country.

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best books about weed

Best Books About Weed

Are you an avid reader with a relentless love for the herb? Check out these top 6 best books about weed and add them...
best celebrity cannabis brands

Top Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands You Should Know About

While a lot of celebrity brands seem to put out mids in fancy packages, these brands are the real deal. Read on to learn...
best marijuana documentaries

The Best Marijuana Documentaries, Ranked: The Definitive List

How many documentaries have you seen, total? No, Spinal Tap doesn’t count! There have been a few breakout documentaries over the years, movies like...
best stoner comedies

10 Best Stoner Comedies You’ll Never Tire Of

Among stoners, movies are highly regarded both for their entertainment value and also for the wisdom and insight that they sometimes provide. In fact,...
sacha baren cohen sues ma dispensary

Sacha Baron Cohen Sues MA Dispensary for $9 Million Over Billboard Ad

Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t laughing over the use of his Borat character in a billboard promoting a dispensary in Massachusetts. He’s suing the dispensary...
marijuana mansion denver

What’s Inside Denver’s ‘Marijuana Mansion’: A New Event Space for Marijuana-Themed Tours and Photoshoots

Have you ever wanted to visit a funhouse while high? As states legalize weed they’re finding it’s difficult to find public spaces to consume...

10 Stoner Movie Quotes You Should Know

Stoner movies are as much a part of cannabis culture as bongs and hemp apparel. There are few things that are as enjoyable as...
Planet 13 California

Planet 13’s New ‘Cannabis SuperStore Entertainment Complex’ Will Soon Launch in California

If you were to fuse Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka, they might come up with a cannabis retail concept like the Planet13 “SuperStore” set...
Dab University Yo Dabba Dabba

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