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glass artist brian owoc makes pipes shaped like doughnuts

It turns out Homer Simpson isn’t the only person inspired by doughnuts. A Maine glass blower found his inspiration in the globs of batter while working at a Dunkin to pay his bills. He tells Forbes that the doughnuts around him made him want to create a pipe that looked like a doughnut— and his business, KGB Glass, was born. Now Brian Owoc spends most of his time making beautiful glass doughnuts for people to smoke out of. It’s part of a growing trend of heady glass artists who make products for cannabis culture. 

Owoc’s pipes fetch hundreds of dollars and his bongs can get into four-figure territory. The artist says since glassblowing is both work and relaxing, he has to be careful about working too much. Of course, marijuana has long been touted as a drug for boosting creativity. Now, with weed becoming legal across the US, some artists are using cannabis itself as their palate. Owoc is hardly alone in his entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Just limiting our field to artists that work with paper — rolling papers to be exact — there are a number of cannabis-inspired artists using papers as their medium. There’s an artist that creates dazzling images just using leftover roaches, for instance (see below video). And then there’s Tony Greenhand, whose rolling paper sculptures can fetch thousands of dollars and are all 100% smokable.

As for Owoc, he’s content to stick with glass. It’s working for him, too. Once upon a time pipes and bongs were subject to seizure just because they might be used with cannabis. Makers used pseudonyms to stay hidden, and sellers used euphemisms to sell paraphernalia. Did anyone ever really smoke tobacco out of a Graphix bong? What’s interesting is that with over two dozen states having some level of legalization, and hemp now legal nationwide, artists like Owoc no longer need to worry about getting in trouble for making their works of art. That’s a boon to makers and buyers, in the end. 

Since the counterculture of the late 1960s, those who indulged in recreational marijuana have been decidedly non-conformist.  They took to communes, joined every anti-war protest in sight and embraced radical chic.

Five decades later, the remnants of the hippies exist in a variety of bongs and pipes that are colorful in their sheer variety and intimidating in shock value.  This sampler list is illustrative.

Protest Forms


Downers – With these pill-looking pipes, join the campaign against painkiller mega doses and “plant-derived cannabinoids”, the pharmaceutical industry’s strategy to preempt medical marijuana plantations where legal today.

The Iconoclast

Exhibit A

Exhibit A (A.K.A. the Chong Bong) – Artistic to a fault because the millefiori centerpiece (“thousand flowers”) depicts creator Tommy Chong.  This elaborate bong landed the singer and actor in jail for pushing the envelope with “Nice Dreams”, an e-commerce operation that sold bongs and other drug paraphernalia over the internet, even to underage teens back when no laws permitted any legal use whatsoever.


O Holy Nugs

O Holy Nugs – Irreverent treatment by glass artist Tammy Ball who reinvented the Nativity with blown glass and used street slang for hemp plugs.

The Grotesque

Eye Scream

Eye Scream – The disfigured glass figurine is missing an ear, an eyelid, one eyeball and a right arm.  Trust me, one or two puffs is all you can endure before you conclude “An Eye for A High” is a mind-searing experience.


Zombie Hitler

Zombie Hitler – No mistaking the Hitler mustache.  But offensive nonetheless for confronting one’s smoking cronies with a stitched-over eye and a missing right eyeball.


Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude – Crude design and even cruder ethics.  Instead of showing off with a pleasant high, you have to wonder why everyone, yourself included, is offended.  There is no forgiving the insult from Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch: “Have a rotten day! And see if I care!”

Outright Porn

Porn Pipes

Porn Pipes – Any red-blooded male realizes with glee where to put his mouth on these spread-eagled ladies.  A brilliant idea.


Bringing Up The Rear

Bringing Up The Rear – The infamous glass “Butt Bong” X-rated film actress Jennifer Steele demonstrated on The Howard Stern Show.  Except one needs the manufacturer’s instructions on whether the “Butt Bong” should be used front or back.  Good for a 3-way maybe?  And is that yellow residue dried cannabis or something wicked?

The Risqué

Get to the Point

Get to the Point – There’s real risk in carrying this pipe-weapon in these days of police frisk-and-search.  Nice for starting conversations but don’t go carrying in Ferguson or Baltimore after dark.


Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun – It’s too realistic.  Even your good friends and family will conclude your pot habit has finally sent you over the bend and plead that they love you no matter what.


Hand Gun-ja

Hand Gun-ja – Another variation on the theme of handguns.  No waiting time or background check required.  But my, those cannabis plugs can get expensive if you try to tamp down all you can into the magazine “pipe bowl.”

Imaginative Designs

High Explosives

High Explosives – A little more elaborate than usual.  The bong for the militarily inclined.  Makes every fan wonder what happens when you pull the pin on the grenade.

Political Satire

President O-Bonga

President O-Bong-a – Does the Democratic White House secretly support cannabis? A flight of fancy.

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Some incidents in the history of the drug war are best left unremembered. Daniel Chong, for example, might well wish he could forget the time the DEA locked him in a holding cell and left him without food, water, or bathroom facilities for five days. Chong, a California college student, nearly killed himself to end the ordeal.

Tommy ChongUndoubtedly, the agents involved would also like to put their crime behind them. But sometimes, painful as the past may be, it’s critical that we remember, mull, and discuss the times when everything went sideways. One of those happened 13 years ago this winter, when the feds went on a rampage against one of the most innocuous professions known to man: glass blowing.

It started early on the morning of Feb. 24, 2003, when a virtual army of federal agents pounded on Jason Harris’ front door. Harris was startled awake and quickly discovered law enforcement and military personnel occupying the better part of his front lawn.

A quick explainer: Harris is an artist who blows glass for a living. This could include anything from an esoteric figurine to a custom-designed bong. Like many artists of his kind, Harris sold some of his works to head shops, which in turn sold them to potheads.

And that, the feds insisted, was a crime worth prison time. But Harris was just one small fish in a much larger investigation, one driven by political retribution and a need to assert governmental control over the lives of American citizens. Harris, thankfully, escaped the worst of it.

Tommy Chong bore the brunt of ‘Operation Pipe Dream’

Tommy Chong (no relation to Daniel Chong) wasn’t so lucky. Any man, woman, or child who has ever sparked a joint knows who Tommy Chong is. Just in case you’re not one of them, he’s the zonked-out half of Cheech & Chong; together with co-star Cheech Marin, he brought recreational drug use to the public consciousness with a series of zany films from the 1970s and ’80s.

This might explain why Operation Pipe Dream (we’re not kidding) led to the arrests of 55 people, including Tommy Chong. According to witnesses and even agents who participated, the busts were nothing short of vengeance for Up in Smoke, Cheech & Chong: The Next Movie, and Nice Dreams, the duo’s most watched movies.

Those films portrayed bumbling cops pursuing drug runners, dealers, and users who repeatedly escape without even trying. Police officers have long loathed Tommy Chong, and some have vowed to get revenge. Prosecutors acknowledged as much, pointing to the movies as trivializing “law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking and use.”

Tommy Chong was charged for his role in funding and marketing Chong Glass Works and Nice Dreams, two California companies built by his son Paris Chong. The businesses made specialty high-end bongs and sold them as collectible artworks, with as many as 25 glass blowers making up to 100 pipes a day during peak periods.

Tommy Chong plead guilty to one count

weed leafTommy Chong pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute drug paraphernalia, and in return prosecutors agreed not to charge his wife, Shelby, or son Paris. Two years to the day after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, he was sentenced to nine months in federal jail, $20,000 in fines, forfeiture of $103,000, and one year’s probation.

The entire fiasco coast taxpayers $12 million and resulted in just one jail sentence: Tommy Chong’s. Harris and other artists who were dragged into the bust are barred from ever making cannabis pipes again, a significant loss of income for many of them.

As Sean Dunagan pointed out, those arrests have had zero effect on any industry, drug-related or otherwise. Dunagan, a former intelligence research specialist for the DEA, is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a reform group made up of police and other law enforcement. He agreed with those who say the operation was political.

“Oh, absolutely,” Dunagan said. “Yeah, I mean there’s no questions that it was political, and in fact, if you read the court filings by the prosecutor in that case, they make a reference to Tommy Chong’s career and naming some of his movies that were mocking U.S. anti-drug efforts. Yes, it was clearly political, and looking at it broadly, that was exactly the case. It’s not by accident that he was the only one out of 55 defendants that had to go to jail.”

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Robot Oil Recycler
Oil Crisis – Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome Baker Designs is a glass company that has been around since the 90s. It was started by two creative men, Jason Harris and Saeed Mothadi, as a way to help draw attention to the glass art industry. Commonly known as JBD, Jerome Baker Designs has become famous in the world of glass art, and are especially known for their creative and unique bongs particularly, their limited edition JBD robot oil rigs.


Jerome Baker Designs
Enlighten All Humans – Jerome Baker Designs

The JBD Oil Rigs

Jerome Baker Designs has come out with a limited edition series that features four unique JBD robot oil rigs, so-called because they only use hash oilor honey oil,paste-like wax or budder,or shatter. Using concentrates like these allows for much more control over how much is inhaled with each hit. Each of the four models has been designed with incredible intricate detail.


A Number of Rigs to Choose From

Jerome Baker Designs
Mind Control – Jerome Baker Designs

There are 4 uniquely designed rigs to choose from. The first in the limited edition series is known as Robots Love Dabs. It has a honeycomb perc on the bottom and the oil drip themed labels that are strategically placed around the rig are both emotional and industrial. The direct inject joint on this BakerBot is also different from the others because it is strategically placed for optimal function of the perc.

The second bot in the series is known as Mind Control, and the concept of the theme behind the artwork is abstract. The labels and artwork include eyes, a light bulb on the robots head, and labels that indicate battery and oil level. Unlike the first bot, the Mind Control robot features an inline perc.

The third BakerBot is known as Oil Crisis, and it features the most complex design out of the four because it features both an inline perc and a recycling function. The labels and artwork do well to convey the sense of a real oil crisis by having its OIL meter label near zero. Also, near the base of the rig, the label makes it look like oil is spilling all over the place.

The last in the Jerome Baker Robot Oil Rig series is known as Enlighten All Humans, and has an inline perc that sits in the belly of the bot. It also features enlightening labels and big wide eyes.

Jerome Baker Designs
Robots Love Dabs – Jerome Baker Designs

The Fine Print

Each rig is only 9 inches tall, making them the shortest among all home-use rigs. Additionally, the 10mm joint helps to concentrate the toke.

Each complete kit costs about $259.66, and theyre all assembled in the United States with only the highest quality glass German Schott borosilicate glass.

Legal Smoke Shop

Check out the Baker Bots being showcased below.

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There are many artists out there who dabble in glass art, but none who have had such an impact of the medium as Jerome Baker Designs has had. Jerome Baker Designs, otherwise known as JBD, has been around since the American pipe movement really got going. They quickly made a name for themselves by creating glass bongs much more unique and beautiful than anyone had ever seen.

The Glass Company, Jerome Baker Designs, was started by two men, Jason Harris and Saeed Mothadi. Over the years, theyve worked hard to bring attention to glass art and have forged a demand for glass that is now a multi-million dollar industry that has thousands of glassblowers working within it. Now thats success!

Fostering the growth of the industry

Jerome Baker Designs RigsBack when Jerome Baker Designs first started off back in 1991, they werent very big. They were only employing about 70 glassblowers to create their functional glass. With the advancements in shipping glass, Jerome Baker Designs has been able to begin shipping their unique creations through the internet to customers all over the place. This has allowed them to create a new market for glass with people that wouldnt have otherwise been interested.

Unfortunately, all good things experience a few bumps in the road, and Jerome Baker Designs was no exemption. In 2003, the company was shut down by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for selling paraphernalia. Understandably, those working for Jason Baker Designs didnt really know what to expect in terms of the future of the business and that future of the glass culture they had created.

Glass culture lives on

Jeromer Baker Crisis Baker Bot

Fortunately, the glass culture is still alive and kicking, and even Jerome Baker Designsglass creations can be found for sale on the internet at websites like LegalSmokeShop.coman online head shop that sells pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and more. It also sells a number of different Jerome Baker products. The top seller, which is making real waves at the moment, is the Jerome Baker Crisis Robot oil rig piece.

In addition, Jerome Baker Designs also has social media sites set up to promote their products. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

So if youre in the market for a unique glass piece for your home or recreational activities, check out Jerome Baker Designs. Theyre sure to have that little something special that youre looking for.

Check out one of the Jerome Baker Designs’  dabbing rigs in action.

💨💨Clouds for daze!! When the kush so good ya can’t feel your face😬😬Nothing hits like an oldschool daily driver!! @whatdraysay

A video posted by Official Jerome Baker Designs (@jerome_baker) on

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Jason Harris, owner of Jerome Baker Designs, is one of the forefront names in glass culture. The name ‘Jerome Baker’ is a pseudonym that stemmed from a joke among friends. ‘Jerome’ comes from Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and ‘Baker’… well, that one’s a little more obvious.

Jerome Baker DesignsThere is no denying that Jason Harris is a true pioneer in the world of pipe making. An apprentice of Bob Snodgrass – the man thought to have invented color-changing glass – Jason Harris has learned from the best.

Along with many other prominent glass blowers, Jason Harris was a victim of ‘Operation Pipe Dreams’, a nationwide raid on the glass industry. Unlike Tommy Chong, Harris managed to avoid spending any time in jail.

Needless to say, the mass bust caused a storm of controversy. At the same time, however, it also contributed to the growth of the industry.  Interest grew in pipe making, and the glass-blowing movement evolved into an unconventional, innovative form of art. Things have sure come a long way since the early days of Bob Snodgrass and Jason Harris making pipes in the back of a van.

We were fortunate enough to have Jason Harris take part in an interview, exclusively for Stoner Things, in which we gain an interesting insight into the life of a world-class glass-blower.


How long have you been blowing glass?

25 years

What inspired you to start?

I was always drawn to the super-cool qualities in glass! It was really cool to look at and I never could imagine how it was made. I had the unique opportunity to meet this old dude that lived over in the next town to me – Glenwood, Oregon. He lived in an old trailer with his whole family and he even had this cool rabbit cage out back where he would grow and harvest the rabbits to cook the best stew you ever ate. He also had this wagon that had a little herb garden in it. He would pull it around the yard to keep the slugs off of it. This little old dude is Bob Snodgrass. I was drawn to him not only because he was just the epitome of cool but he could make glass like I had never seen before. He and his son, Bob Jr., had a crazy little shop in the back room of the trailer and they would stay back there all day making these incredible glass pipes. This was just the most awesome thing that I had ever been a part of and I just had to get to know more!

Have you taken any classes? What was the most memorable?

I have taken all kinds of glass-inspired classes. I think that it is an essential part of a modern glass craftsman to do. Learning from others and modifying ancient techniques to call your own is what it’s all about. Why reinvent the wheel? I get perturbed at young glass artists that shun the institution of glass education. I recommend that all glass artists attend the Pilchuck Glass School at least one time in their journey; it’s one of the most important glass education centers in the world.

Any names you’d like to drop for mentoring you?

Bob Snodgrass, Cameron Tower, Chris Shave, Dale Chihuly, Dante Marioni, Paul Trautman

What is your torch of choice?

Different torches for different applications

Do you blow glass every day?

I blow glass or handle glass every single day.

Do you work best during the day or night?

I work best in the morning!

What’s your favorite music to jam to while you work?

I listen to Pandora Radio, Fat Freddy’s Drop – the best!

What do you think will be the next trend of glass blowing?

The next trend in glass will go back to fuming.

What’s your favorite piece to make; or what are you well known for?

My favorite piece to make currently is my 2-piece pipe.

Do you participate in collabs with your peers?

I do collaborations with as many artists as I can keep organized with!

What will we see from you next? Any projects or shows in the works?

You are about to see the release of my new film – Pipe Dreams.

Do you have a favorite online glass community?

I love the Talk Glass community – also love my Facebook fan site:

What other activities do you spend your time doing?

I surf in any free time that I get.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring glass blower?

I would advise you to always turn off the propane when you leave the shop!

Be sure to check out JBD’s Instagram feed, loaded with sick photos and vidoes, and the trailer for his new movie, below.

Pipe Dreams Trailer from jason harris on Vimeo.

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Life for the average stoner is pretty simple. The goal is eternal and clear, the imperative plainly spoken: It’s time to get high. Or rather, it’s time to get higher.

orange juice bongBut how best to go about this mighty task? There are so many options, how do you know what will accomplish what? And you spent all your money on weed, so can you do this within a budget of roughly $3.75?

Before we say anything else, let us say this: The best way to find what really, really, really gets you baked is to experiment. Outside of latex, nothing in this world is one-size-fits-all, and that applies to weed as much as anything. The same pipe or foodstuff or concentrate won’t do equal damage to everyone.

That said, the easiest way to get high is to load up on THC. This can be done simply by ingesting bud with stratospheric levels – the plants with the highest THC content top out at roughly 30 percent in publicly available tests – or by finding a concentrated form of marijuana.

Concentrates act fast

Concentrates, such as hash oil, carry much more, well, concentrated THC. But you may have to smoke a lot of it to get the full effect, at least if you have high tolerance to begin with – and that wastes cash.

None of this means you have to locate the world’s best weed to get very, very high. There are other tools that can accomplish that for you, even if your pot isn’t of the highest caliber. That said, the better the dope, the better the high, plain and simple. No Rube Goldberg of a cannabis pipe is going to turn brick into Skunk, though you’ll probably have a lot of fun trying.

The joint, of course, is the most common way people smoke marijuana. It’s incredibly convenient, it’s relatively covert, it’s easy to make . . . Need we go on? Everybody loves a J is what we’re saying.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best way to use the available smoke. Ever notice how your blunt keeps burning even when you’re not sucking on it? Yep, all that smoke goes to waste, up into the sky where some lucky bird has the flight of its life. But not into your body.

Pipes are highly effective

Gravity BongThat’s one reason stoners love pipes so much. Depending on how they’re made, they can conserve some of that otherwise wasted smoke. But not every pipe is made equal.

First we have the spoon. This is probably the simplest of the pipes and can be made out of glass, wood, aluminum, even plastic if you can keep it from burning. The setup is very basic: The smoker puts the weed in the bowl, lights it, and sucks the smoke through the horizontal chamber. A small “carb” hole on the side of the bowl allows the toke to choke the smoke so it becomes more concentrated before entering the lungs.

So the spoon is better than the J when it comes to getting super high. But it’s still a pretty ineffective way to consume THC, even if it is nearly every stoner’s favorite backup and utility pipe.

The next step up is the bubbler. This includes a small bowl and a larger vertical chamber filled partway with water. The smoke passes through the water as you suck, cleansing it of certain impurities and improving the feel in your lungs. It also concentrates the smoke, making it more potent per square inch of lung tissue.

Hit a bong for the ultimate high

To really benefit from this effect, though, you need a bong. Like the bubbler, the bong is a vertical cylinder with a small bowl sticking out the side. The chamber is filled with water, the smoke passes through, and the toker sucks it out the top of the cylinder.

This is all great and will get you pretty high. But what if you want to kick it up a level? That’s where the gravity bong comes in.

This is a device that takes the working theory of a bong and adds a vaccum. Basically, a vertical cylinder – a bucket, a pipe, etc. – is filled partially with water. A chamber (for example, a soda bottle with the bottom cut off) is then submerged part way.

The weed is put inside a bowl that sticks out the top of the chamber. The chamber is then slowly lifted out of the water as the pot is lit. As the chamber rises, air pressure inside it drops, turning it into a vacuum. This pressure differential sucks the smoke into the chamber, where it builds into a thick cloud of THC; almost nothing is wasted.

Finally, remove the bowl from your gravity bong and smoke. If that doesn’t get you really goddamn high, you probably did something wrong.

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“What is the best way to smoke weed?” There are probably more answers to this question as there are ways to smoke marijuana, and the answer is different for almost everyone.

While some prefer the simplicity and convenience of a glass pipe or a one-hitter, others prefer the classic and more sociable experience provided by a joint. Here is a rundown of some of the best ways to smoke weed, and a few other methods that may not be quite as popular, but are worth knowing about nonetheless.


joint rollingJoints are classics for a reason: they are easy to use, easy to roll (with a bit of practice), and can be made quickly with readily available papers. They are also excellent for socializing, and they offer a quick and easy way to get a small group of people high. They are also perfectly serviceable for solo smoking, and they have the advantage of enabling you to enjoy the flavor of your weed.



bong bowl with weedLike joints, bongs have achieved classic status in the marijuana users’ world, due to their ease, convenience, and undeniable potency. Only slightly less convenient than a joint or a pipe, bong-smoking requires only a specialized water pipe in which to smoke the weed. The most effective and most efficient bongs tend to be the simple, straightforward devices, although they come in a variety of shapes and designs.



VolcanoVaporizerFor the question “what is the best way to smoke weed”, the answer for a growing number of people seems to be not to smoke it all. With a vaporizer, you can do just that, and it may be the safest and cleanest way to enjoy your bud. Vaporizers heat the marijuana just up to the temperature necessary to vaporize the active ingredients in weed without actually burning it. This gives you all the positive effects of weed without the negative health effects associated with smoking.



Glass Elephant PipePipes provide a quick and easy way to enjoy weed, and glass models are especially enjoyable. They provide a smoother and cleaner experience than most other types of pipes, and the fact that they are much easier to clean is an added bonus. Although glass pipes–“pieces” as they are often called–aren’t the best choices for entertaining company, they are unbeatable for solo enjoyment.



bluntsBlunts are pretty similar to joints in many ways: they are rolled, they look like cigarettes, and are meant to be smoked as such. However, a key difference is that blunts are rolled with cigar tobacco wrappers instead of the customary rolling paper, and they are often rolled much thicker. Many people opt to add a bit of the discarded tobacco into the mix with the weed, although this isn’t really necessary. Blunts are especially suitable for accommodating large groups of people.



Spoon PipeOne-hitters are simply pipes designed for solo use. As the name implies, one-hitters can only fit a small amount of weed. Although hardly suitable for entertaining company, one-hitters offer a portability and convenience that no other smoking method can compare with.


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Glass is one of the elemental properties of weed: earth, wind, glass, and fire. Or something like that.

A good glass piece is a central part of any serious stoner’s paraphernalia. Cheap metal pipes and repurposed soda bottles may get you by, but a quality “piece” completes a stoner’s collection.

But what kind of glass do you want? What can you afford? What will give you the best bang for your buck?

weed colorful glassRight off the bat, you should know there are four types of glass, generally speaking: bongs, spoons, bubblers, and oil rigs. There are plenty of variations, but those are the basics. You can find any of them in a range of prices.


Spoons are generally the cheapest of the bunch – you can easily find one for less than $15. A spoon is just your basic pipe: a stem with a hole through it lengthwise, a bowl with a hole through the bottom, and a carb hole on the side that allows you to choke the air as it moves through the pipe.


A bubbler is basically just a twist on a bong. The principle is the same: Smoke passes through water on its way to your lungs. Bubblers can range from the very cheap to the very expensive, depending on how complicated you want to get.

The basic version, which you can find at pretty much any head shop or smoke shop, starts around $15 or $20. Air flows through a simple glass pipe; along the way, it passes through a water chamber, and then moves on to the lungs through the stem. The water purges the smoke of some nasty chemicals and makes it easier to inhale. The water bubbles as you toke, hence the name.

Bigger bubblers are similar to bongs, and can be just as big. The only real difference is that the smoke reaches the water through a vertical pipe and the bowl doesn’t move. These can cost several hundred dollars on the good end, though you may be able to find one for $100 or less.


Ice Bong

The bong, as almost everyone on the planet knows, is the crowning piece for a stoner. It essentially works like a bubbler: Air passes from the bowl, through an angled glass pipe, into the water chamber, and straight up into the lungs.

Bongs can run from the cheap – $15 to $50 – to the badly overpriced – more than $1,000. Some are basic and functional; others are hand-blown works of art. What you need depends entirely on what you want.

The bong, or water pipe as it’s known in head shops trying to dodge police raids, may be the best way to smoke straight pot. You may lose a small amount of THC in the water, but you make up for it in efficiency: A bong rip forces the smoke deep into your lungs.

Of course, it’s possible to smoke a wood, plastic, or metal bong. But glass greatly improves the experience. The smoke is smoother and cleaner, and glass doesn’t rust, rot, or burn.

Oil Rigs

Hash Oil RigThe final type of piece, the oil rig, is something of a specialty tool. If you need it, get it. If not, you’ll have no use for it.

Oil rigs are used to smoke hash oil, also known as honey oil or “dabs.” This is just a thick, gooey concentration of THC resin. It produces a powerful high, but it requires some work.

If you’re up for converting marijuana into hash oil, or if you have a way to buy it, an oil rig is essential. There really is no other way to effectively dab without wasting product. These sell for anywhere from $40 to a few hundred dollars.

An oil rig is a basic-looking pipe, with a mouthpiece, a chamber, and glass piping to carry the smoke. But once it’s time to light your weed, things get different.

Instead of using a bowl, you heat a special nail with a torch, and then drop a dab of oil on the super-hot nail. The oil vaporizes inside a small glass hood placed over the nail. You then inhale, and the resulting smoke passes though the chamber into your lungs.

Shopping for a great glass piece is a lot of fun, but it can take some time. Shop around, if you can. Two head shops in the same city can sell the same product for drastically different prices.

Once you have what you’re looking for, baby it. Clean it with isopropyl alcohol and salt, denture tablets, or vinegar. And whatever you do, don’t drop it. Glass shatters, in case you hadn’t noticed, and getting a new pipe at 3 a.m. is a lost cause.

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Medicali bubbler

Medicali is a California-based glass art company known for producing cutting-edge smoking technology, made exclusively from top-quality German Boro Glass. The company provides a broad selection of water pipes, ash catchers, bowls and downstems, but this review will focus on Medicali bubblers.

Looks and Design

This is another premium glass bubbler brought to you by the great people at Medicali. This company has been making glass pieces for some time and offers a variety of products. This particular piece is made from top-quality glass and is emboldened with the recognizable Medicali logo in several places. The main chamber is straight leading up to a curved mouthpiece and a bowl to load your herb on the top. Overall, there isn’t much to say when it comes to the looks and design of this particular Medicali bubbler, the device shines in its functionality.


When it comes down to smoking your buds, this Medicali bubbler is a truly functional piece. However, the glass does become tinted with smoke over time, making it appear less than appealing. Another sore point is that it can be difficult to clean these bubblers, especially the neck of the device. Hitting the piece, however, is really straightforward, and provides the user with a consistently excellent hit. If you are wanting to get the job done quickly, with as few hits as possible, consider looking into this device.


Coming in at a cost of $199.99 you are definitely paying for the craftsmanship that is available only from MediCali glass. The quality that goes into making this piece is second to none, just like all the other products made by the company. The relatively high cost is understandable considering the reputation and experience of the company.

The Verdict

A great bubbler for those people willing to dish out the money to invest in a quality piece and with the time to keep it looking clean and pristine. While the mouthpiece does make it somewhat difficult to clean, it is not impossible to do with the right tools. For the amount that you end up dishing out for this premium bubbler and the difficulty in maintaining it, we have given it a rating of 3/5.


It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, unbiased review that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form an accurate opinion of the product we are reviewing. Our Medicali bubbler review is unbiased and based on facts as well as our opinion.