If you’re looking to start your own grow from seed, the first thing you’re going to want to check out is a reputable seedbank. But what are they? Are seedbanks legal? And how do you separate the good stuff from the bad? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete guide for buying weed seeds online, along with our top 3 picks for reputable seed banks in the United States.

What is a seed bank? 

Seedbanks are companies that save seeds from cannabis plants to help preserve their genetics. The seeds they save can be sold to both hobbyist growers and commercial cultivators alike. But using a seed bank is a great way to get your hands on both common strains as well as rare, clone-only, or heritage seeds that you can’t get a hold of anywhere else.

Seed banks got their start in the Netherlands since they’ve always been tolerant of cannabis use. But seeds were illegal in the United States at the time. So decades ago, they could only be found in the Netherlands. Buyers in the states could pay cash for seeds from overseas, and the banks would stuff them in secret pockets or cards in hopes of getting them across the ocean. Sometimes it worked out, and other times it didn’t. But for US-based growers with no other options, it was well worth the risk.

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It’s much different these days, though. You can buy weed seeds online from US-based seed banks, which is usually better than buying them from Europe anyway. Here we have a ton of seed banks and lots of genetics available from American breeders. But more importantly, you don’t have to risk not getting what you paid for anymore. You can use cards or cryptocurrencies to purchase seeds from US seed banks in a simplified, straightforward way.

Is buying weed seeds online legal? 

While the days of ordering cannabis seeds from overseas are long gone, getting your hands on them is still tricky. Seeds are only legal in states that have legalized weed, and most of the time they can only be shipped to you from the state you live in and not across any borders. Alternatively, some states that only allow medicinal use might only allow people to legally buy cannabis seeds if they have their medical cards.

With that said, it’s important to check your local cultivation laws and regulations before you buy or germinate cannabis seeds from anywhere. By and large, they’re not legal to buy online unless you’re buying them in an adult-use state or are allowed to do so with your medical marijuana card. Cannabis seeds can’t cross any borders between states or other countries, even if they’re sold as novelties or souvenirs.

While we don’t recommend doing anything illegal, there are still a handful of US-based seedbanks that will sell you seeds in your state.

How to identify quality weed seeds when you buy them online 

Since seedbanks operate differently to most other businesses, their websites frankly look unprofessional. But that’s not to say that they are. While they may lack reputable eCommerce elements, they tend to be a little more reputable than newer sites that are easy to navigate and make purchases. A lot of the time, seedbanks with a familiar eCommerce experience tend to sell their own seeds rather than from the real-deal genetics. That being said, there’s a good chance that you think you’re ordering the coveted Runtz strain, but it isn’t the same Runtz bred by Cookies.

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While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, consider that convincing branding doesn’t always mean you’re getting something great. The best thing to do if you’re looking to buy weed seeds online is pretend that e-comemrce and reviews don’t exist. Instead, you’ll want to visit grow forums and get reviews straight from the horse’s mouth. Talk to other members of the cannabis cultivation community and see where they sourced their seeds and how they’re working within their gardens.

3 best weed seed banks in the United States 

If you don’t have a ton of time to vet every potential seed bank in the United States, start here. Here are the top five most reputable and quality seedbanks that you can order weed seeds online from.

1. Neptune Seed Bank 

Neptune is well-known and beloved for its insanely large selection of seeds at every price point. The company is based in LA and hosts some of the best genetics you can find, including strains from Envy Genetics, Seed Junky, and more. The company is great with customer service and support, even going so far as to offer a points program and a bunch of sales, discounts, and free seeds. The only red flag might be that you have to upload a picture of your ID if you want to use a credit card. This is something they use to keep fraudsters away, but it can feel sketchy. If you don’t feel like sharing personal info, the good news is that they also accept MESH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cash by mail, and e-checks.

2. Speakeasy Seedbank 

Another seedbank in the USA, Speakeasy can be found in Eugene, Oregon. Their website has a huge selection of products, but they err on the side of heritage seeds over hype strains. You can find feminized seeds from breeders like Mendocino, Relic Seeds, and Lucky Dog Seed Co which are all OGs who helped shape modern weed with their strains. More importantly, the site is a treasure trove of origin stories, deals, and VIP services.  There are really no complaints about these guys. You get what you pay for in practically no time flat and they make it very easy to get in touch with them. Best of all, you can pay with MESH, Bitcoin, and cash.

3. Luscious Genetics 

Luscious sells seeds online from a quality list of respected breeders, like Envy and Thug Pug Genetics and Surfr Seeds. Alongside these seeds, they also have their own breeding program that makes it possible for them to give you free seeds from their own stock with every purchase. The site is also super easy to navigate and allows you to pay with WAAVE no-fee Credit Card Processing, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and cash or money orders. But most interestingly, they offer their ‘make an offer’ feature, which allows you to bid on their seeds in a similar fashion to eBay. All around, it’s a great company based in Missouri that offers a ton of perks when you shop with them, including loyalty points, free gifts and free seeds. They’re definitely worth checking out.

At the end of the day, shopping for weed seeds online can be a little nerve-racking with so much red tape around it. But if you’re in the market for high quality seeds in the US, now you know what to look for in a reputable seed bank and have a few options to get started.

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