Are you an avid reader with a relentless love for the herb? Check out these top 6 best books about weed and add them to your kindle or physical library to be the most sophisticated stoner out there. Books about cannabis cover everything from growing it and cooking it to etiquette for using it. We’ve gone ahead and sorted them out based on the things you might be most interested in, too — you’re welcome.

1. The Cannabis Grow Bible (3rd Edition) 

Best book for growing weed

best book for growing weed
The cannabis grow bible is widely regarded as the best book on growing cannabis.

The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green is something every aspiring grower should check out. Green himself is an expert botanist and horticulturalist that has spent his life studying cannabis, so this book covers everything you need to know — from building an indoor or outdoor grow, to running it, troubleshooting it, and making it work for you. This massive textbook has over 700 pages of in-depth info that you need to know if you want to grow like a pro. More importantly, it’s newbie friendly and full of step-by-step guides and tons of great full-color photos and diagrams. With over 3000 5-star reviews and tons of praise from the critics, it’s a must-have book for reading and referencing as you grow.

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2. Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Cannabis in America

Best book for cannabis history

best books on cannabis history

If you’re a history buff, you’ve gotta check out Emily Dufton’s debut book. Dufton is a historian and uses her book to tell an unbiased story about the history of weed in the states. Her research tells the turbulent history of cannabis legalization, prohibition, and the latest developments from the last 50 years. While a lot of information on the internet is pretty one-sided and makes it difficult to get the full scope of weed in the United States, this 300-page book will give you the full scoop, including both sides of the story with tasteful, balanced narration throughout. More importantly, the information inside is fact-checked, well-written, and highly readable.

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3. High Cookery: Your Guide for Cannabis Cooking and the Munchies

Best book for cooking with weed

best books on cooking with weed
One of the best books on cooking with weed, High Cookery features recipes and tips for chefs of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a cooking newb or you’re comfortable in your kitchen, High Cookery is a fantastic cookbook if you’re looking to explore using cannabis as an ingredient or to learn how to make edibles. Out of all the cookbooks out there, this one offers the most variety with over 100 recipes, including vegan and vegetarian options. Inside you’ll find the basics, like making your infused base ingredients. But you’ll also find lots of primers about using weed in your food and how to make it delicious. The book is packed with full-color photos of all of the entrees, appetizers, desserts, and snacks you can make with the guide. It’s the best cannabis cookbook for its options and clarity, allowing people new to cooking with cannabis and gourmet chefs alike to learn a thing or two about refining the craft of edibles.

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4. Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties

Best weed book for newbies

best weed books for beginners
Higher Etiquette is the perfect book for beginners looking to learn about weed.

If you’re brand new to weed entirely, Lizzie Post’s latest guide is for you. This 175 page book is chock full of information for the newbie to get comfortable with weed both personally and socially. Inside you’ll find a ton of information that will teach you about the products available, how to use them and how they might affect you. But more importantly, it’ll teach you how to come into the cannabis culture with grace and dignity. You can learn how to behave at dispensaries or partake in the herb when you’re 420-friendly but your hosts aren’t. You’ll also learn how to deal with some common problems associated with weed, like canoeing your joint or torching the whole bowl so nobody else gets greens. There’s a lot to love about this book, and it’s our number one recommended book when you have no idea what you’re doing but still want to learn.

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5. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Best weed book for your coffee table

green field guide to marijuana
Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a visually rich book featuring different cannabis strains.

If pictures are more your forte, this book is perfect. It’s a comprehensive guide with an in-depth overview of weed, including etiquette and other facts by Dan Michaels that you’ll want to know whenever the subject comes up. However, it also has an in-depth bud section full of beautiful, full-color photos by Erik Christiansen along with strain overviews. It’s a perfect table book or field guide when you want something cool to look at while you learn about over 150 different strains and take a closer look at the plants themselves. Between its large size and more than 400 pages of content, it’s something great to have around when you want a good look at whatever you might be smoking.

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6. Stoned Beyond Belief

Best book for cannabis humor

stoned beyond belief
Stoned Beyond Belief is one of the most entertaining and easy-to-digest weed books you’ll find.

Stoned Beyond Belief comes from best-selling author, rapper, chef, and TV personality Action Bronson. This book is fantastic if you’re looking to entertain and educate yourself with a thick level of humor over everything. Inside the book you’ll find everything from in-depth research, comics, recipes, and tons of funky illustrations. In more than 200 pages, Bronson compiles a ton of informative humor that touches on everything weed, from shopping for new bongs, etiquette, and strain info to stories and comics about getting too stoned. It’s a very witty and clever book with over 100 loose entries and anecdotes that amplify what it means to really love weed.

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And there you have it! Whether you’re hitting the library or just looking to add to your ever-growing collection of books, these books about weed offer something for everyone, no matter what type of reader you are or what you might be interested in.

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