Despite the many advances and developments in indoor growing, there are still a considerable number of marijuana connoisseurs who insist that only outdoor grown weed will do. In terms of flavor, aroma, complexity, intensity, and sheer potency, field of marijuanaoutdoor strains often have the edge over similar strains grown indoors.

Keep in mind that there are strains that are ideally suited for growing outdoors, just as there are many strains that tend to perform better when grown indoors. That being said, most strains can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, although each typical will require a specific approach depending on where you want to grow them.

You should also be aware that some strains marketed specifically for indoor or outdoor growing are simply variations of existing strains. In fact, some are nothing more than repackaged strains given catchy new names. You should, therefore, look into the lineage of your plants if you are serious about ensuring quality or yield and ask someone who knows about marijuana plants if you are uncertain.

Most Indicas will perform remarkably well outdoors. Plants of this strain are characterized by short and wide leaves, with darker green hues. They also tend to have rounder leaves with marble like patterns. Most Indicas have fairly heavy and stony highs, and the effect is much more physical than mental.


Sativas are also ideal for growing outdoors, and they are remarkably hardy and robust. Plants of this variety are often taller and thinner than their counterparts, and their leaves are free from any discernible patterns. Unlike Indicas, Sativas tend to have a more cerebral high, and has an energizing effect that is better suited for maintaining concentration.

Ruderalis is not quite as common a strain of marijuana as the others on this page, but it is ideally suited for outdoor growing for many reasons. They tend to produce high yields, and they have the capability to flower on their own. These types of plants are also grown for various other non-medicinal related uses.

marijuana in the sunThe oddly named Critical is another strain of marijuana that does remarkably well outdoors. In fact, this type of plant performs well indoors as well, where it has often been grown for its potency and superior yield. An Indica dominant strain, Critical is a cross between specially selected Afghani and Skunk. These plants do not usually grow taller than 1 meter, but they tend to produce very thick and heavy buds. They also have a fairly short flowering period of only seven weeks, and are remarkably easy to grow outdoors. Although able to adapt to virtually any type of climate, Critical tends to grow best in warmer climates. Under optimal conditions, this strain can produce up to one hundred grams of bud per plant.

OG Kush is fast becoming one of the most popular outdoor strains around. Fairly common in the United States, this strain has become particularly popular in Europe in recent years due to its flavor, potency, and high yield. A Sativa dominant strain, OG Kush has a fairly short flowering period of only eight to nine weeks.


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