Interested in learning which are the best cities for smoking weed? Below we’re breaking down everything you need to know about our favorite cannabis-friendly cities so you can enjoy your next vacation destination to the highest level. 

Which states allow for adult-use cannabis? 

The first step to picking a good cannabis-friendly city is to first familiarize yourself with the states that currently offer 21+ recreational cannabis without the need for a medical marijuana card. Right now, there are 18 states along with Washington DC allowing for recreational weed. Each of the legal weed states has a rich, exciting history along with dozens of exciting major cities to explore and plenty of dispensaries to help you get your green on. The best cities for stoners are found in the following states:

  • Washington 
  • Oregon 
  • California 
  • Nevada 
  • Montana 
  • Colorado 
  • Arizona 
  • New Mexico 
  • Alaska 
  • Michigan 
  • Illinois 
  • New York 
  • Virginia 
  • Maine 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Connecticut 
  • New Jersey 
  • Vermont 
  • Washington DC 

The Best 420-Friendly Cities 

Ready to pick your next vacation destination or pick up and relocate entirely? Check out our picks for the best stoner cities in the US. Each one offers a vibrant nightlife, incredible food, unique and exciting energy, lots of things to see and do, and of course, plenty of dispensaries and cannabis tourism options to explore. 

1. Denver, Colorado

420 friendly cities
Denver, Colorado. As the biggest city in one of the first states to legalize weed in the US, Denver is one of the most 420-friendly cities in the country.

Denver Colorado is one of the most unique cities on this list and home to the country’s largest 420 celebration. Here you can find some of the best bars and restaurants in the world along with an energetic nightlife. There’s always something to do nearby, including catching a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, shopping, skiing, snowboarding, sampling craft beer, and thousands of trails for hiking. Best of all, there are more dispensaries in Denver than Starbucks and McDonalds combined, and you can explore all of your favorite products and so much beautiful scenery during your visit.

2. Chicago, Illinois

weed friendly cities
Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a great weed-friendly city due to their legalization laws and the city’s rich musical history and culture.

The Windy City of Chicago is one of the best cities for stoners because it offers such a unique energy. Chicago features a rich history filled with jazz music and architectural marvels that are sure to leave you feeling breathless as you explore the city’s many landmarks and destinations. Chicago also offers an incredible array of food and lots of entertainment options. In fact, Chicago is home to Chi High Tours, a luxury cannabis tour company focused on showing you the sights — and the good times. 

3. Seattle, Washington

best stoner cities
Seattle, Washington. As the largest city in one of the 2 first states to legalize marijuana, Seattle is one of the best stoner cities in the US.

Situated on the pacific coast in one of the most perfect cannabis cultivation regions, Seattle offers the best cannabis in the country. However, Seattle has always embraced cannabis as part of its urban culture and flaunts it in the many Seattle dispensaries, art districts, and coffee shops like a badge of pride. There are so many natural and architectural marvels to explore in Seattle, and if you’re looking for a 420-friendly experience, there’s always something to do in Seattle.

4. Portland, Oregon

cannabis friendly city
Portland, Oregon. Portland is one of the best cannabis-friendly cities that is home to loads of amazing dispensaries.

Portland has a crazy vibe. Even though weed has been legal here for a long time, in 2020 they took it a step further by decriminalizing small amounts of every other illicit drug. That aside, Portland also grows excellent marijuana thanks to its climate. You can experience beautiful mountains and natural parks after you shop at one of the city’s incredible cannabis dispensaries. Portland is also home to beautiful architecture, incredible food and wine options, and an incredibly lively art district.

5. Los Angeles, California

best cities with legal weed
L.A. California. As the most populous city in the U.S’s cultural capital of marijuana, L.A. easily makes any list of the best cities with legal weed.

LA is a city that everyone should experience at least once. There is so much to do here both indoors and outdoors that can all be amplified by California’s exciting designer cannabis industry that it’s worth checking out. Everything here is upscale and trendy, tiptoeing the line between art and architecture. You can explore beautiful parks and concert venues, shop, and experience a lively energetic atmosphere on your next night out.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

marijuana-friendly cities
Las Vegas, Nevada. It might come as little surprise that the entertainment capital of the U.S. is also one of the more marijuana-friendly cities.

Vegas is always wide awake and ready to entertain you. Between their world class shows, incredible architecture, massive hotels and casinos and of course legal weed, Vegas is one of the best cities for a stoner night out. While there are no dispensaries on the Vegas strip, you can find everything you need for the perfect vacation just across town.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

phoenix, arizona
Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix has numerous parks and gardens to explore after visiting one of the state’s dispensaries.

Phoenix is known best for its sunny skies and year-round warm temperatures. The city has something for pretty much everyone, including massive high-end spas and resorts, golf courses, and exciting nightclubs. There are a lot of parks and gardens to explore here, too. So take a few tokes from your favorite Phoenix dispensary and check out the Valley of the Sun!

8. Santa Fe, New Mexico

santa fe, new mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe features stunning architecture and a thriving nightlife scene.

Santa Fe is situated at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Originally founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, you can experience incredible pueblo-style architecture and a traditional feel after checking out one of Santa Fe’s many dispensaries. Between its historic districts, beautiful scenery, nightclubs, and food and beverage scenes, Santa Fe is definitely worth checking out.

9. Washington D.C

District of Columbia. Despite the lack of a retail market for marijuana in DC, the city is still a great place for weed smokers to visit.

DC is an incredible city full of American monuments and so much to explore. Their cannabis industry is largely unregulated, though. Instead of offering state-licensed brick and mortar dispensaries, cannabis has instead been decriminalized, allowing adults over 21 to gift cannabis. All you have to do is buy an overpriced t-shirt or a sticker and be gifted a free 420-friendly gift. The city is also full of delivery services that are happy to bring you their incredible products wherever you go. Between amazing food, architecture, and lots of historical monuments, DC is a great place to experience cannabis and the essence of the United States.

10. Fairbanks, Alaska

fairbanks alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is surrounded by stunning views and incredible architecture.

Fairbanks is the second largest and coldest city in Alaska, but it’s surrounded by some insanely beautiful views. A short drive will take you into beautiful mountain ranges and offers breath-taking views of the Northern Lights in September. Here you can find all sorts of natural attractions as well as incredible architecture and plenty of dispensaries that can help you get in the right headspace for exploring all of the incredible things the city and surrounding area has to offer.

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  1. Sleeping on the Michigan cannabis industry! Low taxes (only 10% excise tax compared to 30%+ in IL), plenty of beachy tourist towns and forests to explore in the summer in the both the lower and upper peninsulas, plus Michigan’s recreational industry is heavily diversified and competitive as a rapidly-developing free market.

    You can get a decent oz for under $200 at some dispensaries, fluffy & terpy pre-packaged premium eighths for $45-60, gourmet glass-tipped prerolls and blunts, $50-60 1g hash rosin, infused syrups and beverage enhancers, and essentially any type of edible you can think of, and more are all available in the mitten state!

    Cities like Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Lansing have been popping off economically with cultivation & processing centers and dispensaries alike curating jobs and generating millions in taxes to the state. Marquette (pronounced: MAAR-ket), located in the upper peninsula off Lake Superior, developed the very first cannabis undergraduate program in the nation! Detroit has over 50 dispensaries within the city’s limits, many of which are small businesses and/or minority-owned.

    I’d love to see more attention brought to the Michigan cannabis industry. While states like California and Illinois have been touted over and over by media sources, there is truly nothing like Michigan’s free market that – in my opinion – is the Cannabis Capitol of the Midwest.


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