Smoking marijuana can be as simple – or as complicated – as you want to make it. In fact, some users have been known to light up with nothing more than a strategically bent soda can with a few holes punched up on top. Although serviceable, these and other “commando” means of smoking are best left to frat boys and the like. If you want to get the most out of your marijuana, it might be worth considering other methods of smoking.

A common way to smoke weed, usually called a joint.

The most common way to smoke marijuana is by rolling it into a cigarette or a joint. There are many different types of rolling papers available on the market, in different sizes and made out of different materials. Joints can be rolled easily enough only with the hands (after a bit of practice), but you can roll neater and more tightly packed joints that burn more smoothly with a rolling machine.

Marijuana cigarettes can also be rolled with cigar wrappers after the cigar is broken up and the contents discarded. Called “blunts”, these can be flavorful ways to enjoy your marijuana, but they may not be suitable for marijuana users who would rather not smoke tobacco.

Instead of a cigarette, you can also smoke your marijuana from a pipe. There are many commercially-available pipes in various sizes and materials, from traditional wood pipes to glass pipes and ceramic models. Most pipes are fairly simple in terms of design and function, but some can be quite complicated. Pipes are a better alternative to cigarettes for users who would rather not inhale cigarette paper.

Similar to pipes are bongs or water pipes. These devices feature a receptacle in which the weed is placed. The bottom of this bowl has a hole which leads to a chamber filled with water. When you light up the weed and inhale, the smoke then passes through the water, effectively filtering out ashes and other debris. Although this won’t really make the smoke “safer” from a health standpoint, it might make it less harsh and easier to hold in.

Dabbing is similar to smoking, although you don’t actually light up the weed. Instead, you use a tool called a dabber to place a small amount of hash oil onto a device that replaces the bowl on a water pipe, called a nail. The oil will then burst into smoke instantly, which you then quickly inhale through the mouthpiece.

Smoking is by far the quickest and easiest way to get the full effects of your weed. After inhaling the smoke and holding it in for as long as comfortably possible, you should begin to feel the effects almost immediately. Because of this, it is easy to smoke only as much weed as you need in order to get the desired effect. In contrast, eating marijuana may result in you consuming more marijuana than you need, since you won’t know how much it will affect you until after several minutes later. Therefore, in terms of controlling the effects, smoking marijuana is definitely the safer option.

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