Every stoner knows about 4/20, our community’s official holiday that dates back to the 1970s. In the last decade, another day that celebrates cannabis culture emerged: July 10th. Coined ‘International Oil Day’ or ‘Dab Day’ by dabbers across the country, the origins of 710 are slightly vague. But, rumor has it the date was chosen because 710 looks alot like ‘oil’ spelled upside down.

Now, 710 is synonymous with dabbing and the new stoner holiday is gaining popularity worldwide. So, there’s no better brand to sponsor our July giveaway than Yo Dabba Dabba, a dab tools and accessories supplier that has been around since the beginning. Yo Dabba was founded by dabbers who are passionate about making it accessible to everyone. They’re also a resource that provides tons of educational materials to the masses, ensuring that everyone stays safe and gets the most out of their tools.

Our July giveaway winner will get hooked up with literally everything needed for a proper dab sesh: both the tools and the know-how.

What’s up for grabs?

1. Yo Dabba Dabba Starter Kit

Learn more about this dabbing starter kit on the Yo Dabba Dabba website.

Yo Dabba Dabba Starter Kit

This bundle includes every essential dab tool: a rig, banger, carb cap and dabber. AND, it takes the guess-work out of finding compatible tools for your setup. If you’re new to dabbing, probably one of the most confusing aspects (besides getting your heat up and cool down times right) is understanding joint sizes and tool compatibility.

So, Yo Dabba decided to ease the pressure and offer a set so that you can focus on your technique. The starter set includes a Full Colored Lil’ Chugger rig that is durable, discrete, and gets the job done; a 14mm Flat Top Beveled Banger that’s made from quartz and creates a perfect seal with the compatible Glass Bubble Trap Cap; and a Yo Dabber Stainless Steel Dabber ready to scoop up tasty concentrates with ease.

2. Coronavirus Tee

cough dabbing coronavirus
Check out the tee here.

So, COVID is basically part of our culture now. Yo Dabba’s ‘My Cough is From Dabbing Not the Coronavirus’ tee is the perfect way to bring humor to a shitty situation. Or, to calm the nerves of various Karens who are giving you the stink eye from your apartment patio.

3. Dab University Course Materials 

Dab University Yo Dabba Dabba
Enroll for FREE today.

Yo Dabba founded Dab University to educate everyone on proper dabbing techniques and tool use. Enrolment is free and it’s easy to graduate. The course covers various topics like how to dab, what tools you need, joint sizes, why nail temperature is important, and how to use an electronic nail. Each lesson has a quick video tutorial to fill you in, and we’re hooking this month’s winner up with all the course materials.

If you’re not 710 ready, this giveaway will get you there! Take advantage of all the different ways you can enter to win! And check back to the page monthly for the next fire giveaway.

Yo Dabba Dabba’s 710 Takeover



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