Like it or not, stoners are often associated with cliched or stereotypical behavior. After all, it is true that most stoners develop routine habits over time. Add to that the propensity to hang out with people who share common traits, and it’s pretty easy to see where stoner culture come from. Here then is a list of some of the most common stoner stereotypes and their characteristics.

hippe stoners1. The Hippie

The late-1960s and the 1970s were the heyday of these types of stoners, but they are still around in significant numbers to this day. Mellow and peaceful almost to a fault, these types of stoners are often cool to hang out with if you can stand the cosmic blather.

2. The Stealth Stoner

The one thing that all stealth stoners have in common is that they regularly indulge in the ganja without anyone being the wiser. They never talk shop with anyone, they never hang out with other stoners, but you can bet that they always have some good bud nearby.

3. The Eager Beaver

These people are the exact opposites of stealth stoners in that they aren’t afraid or ashamed to let the world know that they smoke weed. Unfortunately, these people often get carried away with their love for the herb, and can become tedious to hang out with.

4. The Scholarly Stoner

We’ve all met people like these: they know everything there is to know about weed, from pruning to illumination, and they aren’t shy about letting you know about it. Meticulous and often bordering on the anal retentive, scholarly stoners are nevertheless tolerable for their uniformly high-quality bud.

5. The Good Old Boy

These types of stoners are cheery, friendly, and oftentimes very sociable. Usually the life of the party and found in a constant cloud of smoke, these people can be cool to hang out with if you don’t mind harmlessly inane conversation.

6. The Video Game Jocks

These people live for two things: weed and video games. With all the pot they smoke, you wonder how they could even score, much less win. But win they do and they can go on for hours and hours with a bag of weed and little else.

7. The Mysterious Stoner

These people are very like the smoke that they love so much. They are almost never around, but they somehow have a knack for showing up just when you are about to have a smoke. Afterwards, they are liable to just drift away like the smoke they pinched off you.

8. The Smoothie

These people seem to have it all: success, good looks, health, friends, and some of the best bud you will find anywhere. It is easy to resent these types of stoners for everything they have going for them, but they are often so nice and together that you can’t help but admire them.

9. The Dealer

We all have someone like this in our lives. If you don’t, then you definitely should! These people are basically friends that you get weed from, but you don’t necessarily hang out together. You should be careful however-they might mistake your relationship for something deeper than it actually is.

10. The Newbie Stoner

This is one type of stoner that most would rather not deal with. They cough too easily, they raid your fridge when they get the munchies, and they have an annoying tendency to speak metaphysical/cosmic nonsense when stoned.

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  1. working in a dispensary has turned me into “the scholarly” people come in all the time asking for the best grow equipment, strains, terpenes, medicinal value etc. being “the scholar” is what I’m paid to do 🙂 it’s like working in heaven.


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