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How to grind weed without a grinder

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

There’s a good reason people grind their weed: It allows for even burning, fully releasing all the compounds you want. If you’ve ever seen...
mistakes avoid growing weed

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Weed

For new or aspiring home growers and hobbyists, learning all the different nuances of cultivating weed can feel like an uphill battle. Simply put,...
closed loop extraction

What Is Closed Loop Extraction?

While cannabis can be enjoyed after a bit of drying and curing, there are obviously many other methods of processing and enhancing the end...

Quartz Banger Nails from Yo Dabba Dabba: Review

Everybody needs a good banger. Regardless of what your rig looks like, your banger can make or break your whole smoke sesh. If you’re...
carb caps for dabbing

Carb Caps for Dabbing: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to the wonderful world of dabbing, you probably have a few questions about all of the different working parts that help...
how to make weed gummies

How to Make Weed Gummies

Want to save money at the dispensary and test your skills in the kitchen? This simple recipe for DIY weed gummies is a great...
kalvara cannabis drinks

Grammy Award Nominated Artist Miguel Launches Cannabis Drink Brand With Innovative Technology

Earlier this year, Kalvara made their public debut. The company is founded entirely on innovating the cannabis industry, and they’ve made a huge splash...
DUI for weed

DUI for Weed Laws: What You Need to Know

Most tokers know and agree that baked driving is not a good idea. Your reaction times and motor skills when stoned are not at...

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