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how long does a cannabis high last

This Is How Long a Cannabis High Lasts For, According to Science

New to cannabis? One of the most common questions you probably have has to do with understanding what you’re getting yourself into and how...

How to Use a Bong for Dabbing

Let’s face it. There’s a huge upfront cost when it comes to dabbing since there are so many different moving parts for a typical...

8 New Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2021

Looking to get into the cultivation side of things and grow your own weed? Here are the top 8 most popular strains that make...
cannabis immune system

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Immune System?

Searching for cannabis-related wellness information on the web, you can find a wide array of health benefits and cautions. So what’s the real story?...
sublingual strips

Nanotech Cannabis: This Revolutionary Consumption Method Has Solved the Key Problem with Edibles

After nearly a decade, one man’s journey from skeptic to cannabis innovator has hit the market. Kin Slips are similar to the Listerine “breath...
NFL research cannabis pain management

NFL Exploring Potential of Cannabis for Pain Management

Sports franchises have rarely smiled upon drug use. Even drugs that enhance our bodies -- albeit in unhealthy ways -- have been banned from...
mini joints

Mini Joints: The New Trend that Gives You Increased Control Over Your Cannabis Consumption

Perhaps one of the best practical sides to cannabis legalization is the emerging choices consumers have as to how they want to experience cannabis....
marijuana for seniors

Marijuana for Seniors: A Cannabis Guide for the Elderly

Older folks, aka "seniors" over 65, are using cannabis in increasing numbers. In fact, cannabis consumption by this demographic has doubled since 2015. What...

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