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US states with legal weed

US States with Legal Weed: States Where Weed Is Legal

Once upon a time, states where weed is legal were a rarity – an exception to the rule of federal prohibition. A lot has changed. In...
craft cannabis artisanal cannabis

Craft Cannabis: How Does Artisanal Cannabis Differ from Commercial Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is a lot like craft beer. Craft beer is artisanal beer made in small batches by small breweries with a higher attention...
Best Concentrate Brands

6 Best Concentrate Brands You Should Try

When it comes to the best concentrate brands, only a handful of them make the cut. There are so many different options out there...
mxxn cannabis infused spirits

MXXN Launches Industry’s First Cannabis-Infused, Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The latest news involving the innovative cannabis industry involves the introduction of cannabis-infused spirits, barring the alcohol. Introducing MXXN, pronounced like “moon”. MXXN is...

Best Strains for Outdoor Growing

Cannabis use is legal in many states that host an excellent climate for outdoor cannabis cultivation. Many medical patients and recreational users alike are...
thc-o acetate

THC-O: The THC Alternative with Twice the Potency

Even with federal legalization on the horizon, the current level of federal cannabis prohibition on THC is still an obstacle for consumers and businesses...
how to roll a joint

How to Roll a Joint Like a Connoisseur

Rolling a joint is an important piece of knowledge for any cannabis connoisseur. Here’s everything you need to know about rolling the best joints,...
how to clean a bong

How to Clean a Bong: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about something vitally important for a second — bong hygiene. The majority of people out there either don’t clean their bongs at...

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