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marijuana for seniors

Marijuana for Seniors: A Cannabis Guide for the Elderly

Older folks, aka "seniors" over 65, are using cannabis in increasing numbers. In fact, cannabis consumption by this demographic has doubled since 2015. What...
How to roll a shotgun shell joint

How to Roll a 12-Gauge Shotgun Shell

It’s time to learn to roll up a big smoke, a 12-gauge shotgun shell so-called for its obvious relation to the real thing. This...
cloning cannabis plants

Why and How to Clone Cannabis Plants

Don’t let the sci-fi name reference intimidate you; cloning cannabis might seem intimidating, but it really isn’t. With a healthy plant to clone from,...
stable uniform cannabis seeds genetics

World’s First Fully Stable and Genetically Uniform Cannabis Hybrid Seeds Developed in Israel

You may not think about genetics when you’re toking, but it’s an integral part of the modern marijuana economy. Genetics are of course how...
Cannabis Replacing Alcohol Pandemic

Half of Cannabis Consumers Have Replaced Alcohol with Marijuana During the Pandemic

Have you been drinking more or less since the pandemic? If you’re a cannabis consumer, there’s a poll that says you’re probably drinking less,...
molasses cannabis plant growth

Molasses For Cannabis Plant Growth: Why The Use of Molasses Leads to Healthier, Stronger...

Most people are familiar with molasses as a component in a dessert; molasses cookies, for example. But did you know that weed growers also...
best joint filter tips

The Best Types of Joint Filter Tips for Upgrading Your Joints

Filter tips are designed to help cannabis smokers in a number of ways, like helping avoid roach clips, allowing you to smoke the whole...
New York Cannabis Cheesecake Recipe

How to Make New York Cannabis Cheesecake

Cannabis has a variety of flavor profiles and aromas. Consider that when creating your edible concoctions for a delicious experience. I mean, if you...

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