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waldo on weed documentary medical marijuana cancer

Waldo On Weed: An Uplifting New Documentary About Cannabis Oil For Children With Cancer

Advocates of medical marijuana have often cited the need for access to certain cannabinoids for medical use in part because there are a number...
marijuana kill coronavirus

No, Marijuana Does Not Kill Coronavirus

During a crisis there is unfortunately the side effect of a lot of bad information. It’s difficult enough to know what’s really...
medical marijuana reciprocity programs

Why Aren’t More Medical Marijuana Patients Using Reciprocity Programs?

More than half a dozen medical marijuana states take part in a reciprocity program that allows for out-of-state licenses to be accepted...
what to eat when too high

What To Eat When You Are Too High

Before everyone scoffs at the title of this article, let us remember there are always instances when we are a little too...
dab university yo dabba dabba

Dab University: Putting The Cool Back in School

Getting into the world of dab tech can be a bit of a challenge. With new technologies, equipment types, and an ever-growing...

Legalized Medical Marijuana Leads To People Having More Sex, Study Shows

Do changes in marijuana laws make you horny? According to one study, they might. Actually, it’s important to remember that correlation isn’t...
low temperatures important dabbing

Here’s Why Low Temperatures Are So Important For Dabbing

Dabbing cannabis concentrates offers you a high-potency, fast-acting, and ultra-flavorful experience compared to other delivery methods (e.g. smoking, edibles). When you torch...
how to recycle vaped weed

How To Recycle Vaped Weed: 10 Ways To Reuse AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Presumably, since the beginning of time, humans have tried to reuse things. Or, so the analogy fits...

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