Official Review – Scientific Inhilations’ Handheld Pipe with Filtration

When it comes to glass smoking devices, the options are virtually endless, with an entire industry in place solely to produce new and innovative glass smoking devices. Scientific Inhalations has taken a step sideways in order to advance and created their own branch of the glass industry, focusing more on health concerns and comfort issues.

Looks and Design

SI offers “custom” pipes which have more creative design features for an additional fee, but the generic glass pipes are clear and made more for utility than style.

Scientific Inhalations (SI) Handheld Pipe with Filtration
Scientific Inhalations (SI) Handheld Pipe with Filtration


The handheld pipe with filtration system from SI features a breakthrough in technology for those concerned with the health implications of inhaling unfiltered smoke. Using additional glass pieces, the SI Handheld Pipe utilized activated virgin coconut carbon and organic cotton to filter the smoke. If you follow the directions provided, you will likely be very pleased with the results. Some experimentation is required to figure out how to get the most filtration while not obscuring the airflow, however, but this isn’t very difficult to do.

The Kit

The unit comes with a little bit of activated virgin coconut charcoal, organic cotton, and a bamboo pick (for seating the cotton and activated charcoal together) all for $149.99.

The Verdict

With a price tag of $150, this probably isn’t a beginner’s pipe. Throw in the fact that you might as well go ahead and purchase the extra activated charcoal and organic cotton, which push the price up closer to $200, and many may shy away. However, in-tune with the reputation of SI, this pipe will last for years if properly maintained. If you are a firm believer that glass offers the best smoking experience, and prefer pipes, try out this one. Not only will you be doing your mouth, throat and lungs a favor, but you will likely be pleased with the overall experience.

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