For decades now, the debate over legalizing marijuana has focused on the drug’s two primary uses: medical and recreational. Medicinal cannabis use gained public and political support far faster than the recreational kind, and that discrepancy remains.

But what is the difference, really? Legendary stoner Tommy Chong knows more than a little about both personal and medical cannabis, and he’s clear on the matter: There is no difference at all.

“All marijuana use is medical,” Chong says in a pro-legalization video posted to Facebook in advance of the November elections.

He has a good point. First,

TC: All marijuana use is medical. People smoke for various reasons. They’re addicted to heroin and it helps calm them down.

Young Man: You were able to qui smoking cigarettes.

TC: Yes, I could smoke a joint and it would give me the same feeling.

Interviewer: What would you say to someone who says they support medical marijuana but they don’t support recreational marijuana?

TC (laughing): R and R is a term used in the military, called ‘rest and recreation.’ It’s a medical term. One of the greatest things to me about pot, it makes you sit and do nothing. Recreation means that – rest and recreation. Take your mind off whatever task you’re doing. And so many people on this planet, if they would just sit down and do nothing for a while, it would be a better place to live.

YM: There’s room for debate when it comes to the medical value of smoking a joint. Components of cannabis are known to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and promote relaxation.

TC: What marijuana does, it calms the mind. It calms the mind.


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