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Edibles are the bomb. It’s the combination of two of life’s greatest treasures: food and weed. What stoner could knock it? With the wide acceptance of medical marijuana programs and even legalization, edibles are more accessible than ever. Walk into any dispensary and you can find cases full of goodies ranging from sour candies and lollipops to lemon bars and other baked goods. Some dispensaries are even home to cannabis kitchens that serve up medicated entrees like salads and pizzas. Yum.

But, like everything at the dispensary, purchasing edibles can get pricey. Plus, it’s fun to make medicated treats at home! We got into the foundation of quality homemade edibles in our How to Make Cannabutter article. And now, it’s never been easier.

MagicalButter MB2e Herbal Infuser LoveGlove PurifyFilter Magical CookBook.jpg
Up for grabs this month: A MagicalButter MB2e Herbal Infuser, LoveGlove, PurifyFilter 190 and a Magical CookBook

MagicalButter is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor designed for infusing butter, oil, alcohol, lotions and more. The MB2e appliance combines an immersion blender with a digital, programmable heating unit that makes infusion possible with the push of a few buttons.

No need to be a culinary expert or cannabis professional to make some seriously delicious treats. This machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps your herbal extracts. One of the most challenging aspects of infusing fats and oils at home is definitely nailing temperature and time.  But, no more trial and error is needed with the MagicalButter — it sets the heat and time for you. That means a perfect infusion every time.

MagicalButter MB2e Herbal Infuser LoveGlove PurifyFilter Magical CookBook.jpg

MagicalButter is taking over Stoner Things’ May giveaway to hook one lucky winner up with their ultimate edible-making machine and some extra goodies. The stainless steel appliance is fully automatic with micro-processor controlled program sequences, has an integrated digital thermostat and sensors that bring laboratory-grade temperature controls…and it’s self-cleaning.

The winner will also receive essential accessories including: the Purify Filter 190, a reusable 190-micron filter bag that makes straining your extraction easy breezy; the LoveGlove, a 100% pure silicone, dishwasher-safe glove designed for handling hot liquids with no slips; and a cookbook full of hundreds of recipes for every occasion and taste.

Magicalbutter Mb2e

MagicalButter offers tons of support and inspiration via their website and YouTube channel where you can find tutorials and recipes for magical tinctures, coconut oil, olive oil, and more. Oh, and they even have a mobile app that will keep you connected.

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