If you’re not up to date with the latest trends, you’re missing out. Terp Slurpers are the top of the line in dab innovation these days, but there’s always room for improvement. In our latest product review, we’re exploring the seamless terp slurp set by Yo Dabba Dabba, which we love for its durability, functionality and affordability.

Yo Dabba Dabba is Worth The Hype 

We’ve had the chance to review a couple of products by Yo Dabba Dabba at this point, and frankly, they don’t disappoint. The company is one of the leading retailers for all things dabs, especially when durable, long-lasting glass is important to you. Everything they make and sell is made from the highest quality material and built to last. But more importantly, affordability is a cornerstone of their business. They believe that dab tech is gatekept, and they’re actively working to change that with high-quality products without the sticker shock. So there’s a lot to love — including the latest and greatest in dabbing technology like their terp slurp nails.

The Skinny on the Terp Slurp Set 

Back when the slurpers first hit the scene, they were outrageously expensive. But that didn’t stop them from catching on. These days, a lot of people are making the switch from classic quartz bangers to slurpers for their ability to handle bigger globs without wasting them or sacrificing flavor.

However, getting started is never easy. You remember when you bought your first dab rig and nail combo, right? It’s pricey to get all of the working parts in place, and that’s especially true for slurpers. For slurpers to operate to their highest potential, you need more than just the nail itself — you need a valve, a cap, and ideally a terp pearl or two.

terp slurper yo dabba dabba set
Terp Slurper by Yo Dabba Dabba

But that’s where Yo Dabba Dabba comes in. They offer everything you need all in one place with their seamless terp slurp set. In the box you’ll find the terp slurper nail, a dichro carb cap, a valve, and a ruby terp pill. Individually, all of these pieces will run you ~$150, but the set saves you about $50.

Not only does it save you a bundle in pricing, it also saves you in design, functionality and durability. Yo Dabba Dabba’s slurper is made with thick, high-quality quartz. But more importantly, it has a fully-worked, no-weld design to make it a lot more comfortable to apply your concentrates to the nail itself. Both the valve and the cap are made with dichoic glass, which is a combination of quartz crystal and metal oxides blasted into the glass. Seriously — these things are tough. Dichoic glass was originally designed for the aerospace industry. They’re also really pretty, if that’s something that matters to you.

Lastly, the ruby terp pill is a nice touch. Made from lab-grown rubies, these little beauties go in your valve chamber and help swirl your concentrates around after they’re sucked into the nail. It makes for more even heat distribution, improving flavors, reducing mess, and giving you bigger, more rewarding hits.

Terp Slurp Set Review 

One of the things we love most about Yo Dabba Dabba’s terp slurp kit is that it comes with everything you need right out of the box, minus the rig and concentrates, of course. The nail is extremely user friendly, too. All you have to do is heat it up and apply your concentrates to the lower dish, then inhale. It functions and performs beautifully, drawing every last bit of your concentrates inside for vaporization. The valve moves perfectly and the cap fits snuggly to the top for the perfect draw every time. The terp pill is a nice touch too. Truly, it makes the whole dab taste better.

More importantly, the slurper is durable and functional without being so intricate that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to hit and clean. It looks great on any rig you attach it to, too. At the end of the day, it’s a really excellent kit and one of a kind. It hits well, looks great, and with its affordability, you can’t beat the price. Treat yourself, you’ll love it just as much as we do.



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