Apart from reggae and stoner rock, there is no music more appealing to the ear of a stoner than hip-hop. With its fat bass, deep grooves, and mesmerizing word play, hip-hop makes for the ideal backdrop to any cannabis-fueled activity you may have planned. There are literally hundreds of joints – the term used in reference to hip-hop tunes, interestingly enough – that make for superb head nodding, but the following should be in the playlist of every green-blooded ’head.

1. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Ecstasy

The track may be about an entirely different drug, but it still manages to pack a punch on a few hits of quality bud. From a crew known for their stellar harmonies and sheer vocal prowess, Ecstasy truly delivers.

2. Del tha Funkee Homosapien – BM’s

Del is one of the undisputed masters of mic acrobatics, and his stream-of-consciousness rhymes filled with obscure and sometimes bizarre references is ideally suited to the stoner ear. On BM’s, the trademark Del flow is laid over a superb electro-inspired beat.

3. Deltron 3030 – 3030

Also featuring Del, this project includes superb masters in their own rights: Ace producer: Dan the Automator and turntable wizard Kid Koala. As expected, the result is pure hip-hop genius. Epic in a way that few other hip-hop tracks are.

4. Jurassic 5 – Hey

The skills of the massively influential Jurassic 5 are well known all over the world and this joint perfectly illustrates their range and sheer talent. Over a smoove groove, J5 lays down an even smoother array of rhymes, leaving no doubt as to their mastery of their craft.

5. Kottonmouth Kings – Tangerine Sky

If you are looking for a track that sounds good while you are stoned and let’s you get your groove on as well, this one definitely delivers. Slick, sexy, and slamming, this track has everything for everybody.

6. Mac Dre – All Damn Day

Planning to blaze up all day? You definitely want to add this to your playlist! Featuring the unique flow of one of the genre’s finest voices, All Damn Day is quintessential Bay area hip-hop.

7. Nujabes – Blessin’ it (Remix)

You can’t go wrong with anything from Nujabes, but Blessin’ it truly shows him off in fine form. Make sure to get a hold of the remix for a superb cocktail of jazz infused beats.

8. People Under the Stairs – Acid Raindrops

Infectiously catchy with a groove that just won’t quit, this is one track that you may just want to put on repeat all day.

9. Restoring Poetry in Music – Sleep Walkers

More than just a cool tune for blazing up to, this one is actually a superb piece of music in its own right. A cut above the rest, Sleep Walkers is a true hip-hop masterpiece.

10. Zion I – Silly Puddy

There is definitely nothing silly about this track. With a beat that lends itself perfectly to the stoned experience, Silly Puddy is essential listening for ’heads, stoners, and stoner ’heads.


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