Headdies’ flagship dabbing system gets a makeover

Headdies first came into widespread public attention with the release of a device that would soon take the concentrate world by storm. It was called the Dab Vac, and the company soon realized that it had a winner on its hands. With its innovative features and revolutionary glass-on-glass approach, the Dab Vac would soon prove to be a certified classic.

As impressive as the Dab Vac was, there was some room for improvement. Although much more efficient than other dabbing systems, reclaim was a frequent problem as with other models with a similar design. There was clearly a need for a solution that would provide the same efficiency as the original Dab Vac, but with a design that would minimize wastage and reclaim buildup. That solution was the Dab Vac Deluxe, and with it, Headdies built on the tradition of the classic Dab Vac and set about writing dabbing history all over again.

Headdies Dab Vac


dab-vac-bowl-wandThe Dab Vac offered a good mid-priced solution for those looking to get into the fascinating and rewarding world of dabbing. With a unique glass-on-glass system that was like nothing before it, the Dab Vac quickly became Headdies’ biggest seller.

The original Dab Vac features a precision-crafted bowl and glass-rod combo made of borosilicate glass. This gave the device unparalleled strength and durability for a wide variety of dabbing applications, and it quickly became a favorite among the blowtorch-and-concentrates crowd. Unlike other systems that utilized a heated titanium nail on which the product is placed, the Dab Vac involves placing the concentrate into the bowl and then touching the heated glass rod against it.

This innovative system provided a number of benefits over titanium nail-based dabbing tools. Users have much more control over the amount of concentrate consumed with every hit, for instance. Because the dab is heated by touching the rod to it rather than burning it up on the hot metal surface of the nail, you can simply vary the amount vaporized by varying the contact time. If you want a smaller dab, simply hold the glass rod to the dab for a few seconds; for bigger dabs, hold the glass to the dab for longer.

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Dab Vac Deluxe


Dab Vac DeluxeWith its more efficient dabbing process, the Dab Vac was definitely a game changer. However, the Dab Vac Deluxe offered more of the same in an even more efficient package. Boasting the same quality construction as the original Dab Vac, the Deluxe took the technology several steps further with the addition of a host of new features. Instead of borosilicate glass, the Deluxe now features quartz construction for even more durability and reliability. It also comes with a reclaim holster that provides a convenient holder for the glass rod between hits.

Although the Dab Vac Deluxe remains essentially identical to the original model in many ways, the addition of these new features enhances the performance and operation of the new model considerably. Reclaim is no longer an issue, giving users the opportunity to enjoy purer and more flavorful hits. You also don’t get the gunk buildup in the glass tube as you would in the original model, since you now have a place to hold the glass rod instead of inserting it into the glass tube.

With surgical grade latex, 22-carat gold labels, and groundless joints typical of high-end pieces, the Dab Vac Deluxe provides excellent value for your money. At only $25 more than the original model, the Deluxe is definitely a worthy upgrade.

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Check out the video below showing the Dab Vac Deluxe being showcased. The guy presenting looks like hes already had a good few dabs before making the video.

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