A carb cap is the perfect stocking stuffer for any dabber on your holiday list. Whether they’re new to dabbing or a seasoned vet—this gift will get lots of use. Carb caps are a must-have dab accessory that does much more than enhance the session. The tool works like a lid to a pot, keeping heat in the bucket and controlling airflow to turn out the milkiest and tastiest dabs at the lowest temperatures. 

Here are a few of our favorite colorful glass carb caps. 

1. Colored Glass Bulb Carb Cap

These vintage-inspired glass caps designed to resemble Christmas light bulbs will keep the spirit alive throughout the year. Available in green, clear, blue, smoke and amber, they are a perfect fit for either 20mm or 25mm flat top nails. For under $10, the bulb cap is a great way to fit the holiday theme and let someone know you care without breaking the bank. 

Colored Glass Bulb Carb Cap

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2. Glass Wig Wag Cap

Give a one-of-a-kind gift that will catch the recipient’s eye. Made with American colors utilizing the ‘wig wag’ glass-blowing technique, this carb cap features a unique design formed with vibrant colors. Compatible with any sized flat top banger, the versatility of this cap is matched by its durability thanks to thick borosilicate glass. 

Glass Wig Wag Carb Cap

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3. Glass Spiral Carb Cap

If someone on your list is Puffco Peak-obsessed, gift them a colorful carb cap that fits the device. The vaporizer comes with a clear carb cap but our glass spiral carb caps are available in blue, red, green, light blue and white to add some color and style to the setup. This cap also works with 20mm flat top bangers. 

Glass Spiral Carb Cap

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4. Glass Bubble Trap Cap

Bubble caps get their name from their shape, while these bubble trap caps have a double meaning that’s found in their intricate design. Made using an advanced glass blowing technique that traps bubbles in a spiral pattern, the caps come in varying hues of pink, orange, blue and green. Each has its own unique shade, and no two are alike. 

Glass Bubble Trap Cap

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5. Glass Directional Airflow Carb Cap

At just under $10, you can snag a few and feel like Santa stuffing all the homies stockings! Available in amber, blue, pink, purple, and green, it’s a great way to spread holiday cheer and add some color to any flat top banger with a 20 or 25mm bucket. Made from borosilicate glass the DAF design supports low temperatures dabs thanks to optimum airflow control. 

Glass Directional Airflow Carb Cap

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Grab your list, check it twice, and top all your friends’ bangers with a color carb cap this holiday season. 


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