Watching TV while high is a time-honored tradition, but have you ever thought about the stoner characters on television that have entertained you through years of stoned viewing? There are a number of characters traditionally known – or suspected – to be stoners, and they have definitely made television so much more enjoyable. Here are some of the more notable stoners characters on the small screen.

1. Ilana and Abbi (Broad City) broad city

With Ilana and Abbi, the female world now has a pair of stoners to be proud of! The stars of Comedy Central’s Broad City, Ilana and Abbi are two true-blue New Yorkers who make no bones about their love of weed.



2. Ryan (Wilfred)stoner character

Wilfred is a show that centers on Ryan, a medical marijuana user who has a slightly warped view of his surroundings. How warped? Well for starters, he thinks the next door neighbor’s dog is simply a man dressed in a dog suit.



3. Towelie  (South Park)towelie

A talking towel isn’t the first thing one would normally think of when the subject of TV stoners comes up, but no one ever accused the creators of South Park of being normal! In any case, a stoned towel with an affinity for Funky Town is a stroke of comedy genius.



4. Doug Wilson (Weeds)doug

Given that the show is named Weeds, you would expect there to be a stoner character or two. Doug Wilson is probably the best example, and his equal ineptitude at politics and the medical marijuana cause makes for one of the more interesting stoner characterizations on TV.



otto5. Otto (The Simpsons)

He may not be worthy of driving your kids to school on the bus, but Otto is…well, come to think of it, he’s not good for very much else either! Nevertheless, every TV show needs a stoner and Otto is the Simpsons’.



booth6. Oscar Bluth (Arrested Development)

The wacky yang to the more sedate yin of George Bluth, Oscar is manic, crazed, and basically bonkers. Not quite what you would expect from the typical stoner, but there it is.



shaggy7. Shaggy (Scooby Doo)

With his meticulously unwashed hair, bell bottoms, and generally mellow vibe interspersed with moments of pure panic, Shaggy is a stoner through and through. The fact that he’s constantly hungry speaks volumes.



hyde8. Hyde (That 70’s Show)

Almost every square digs ‘The Circle’, but stoners flock to Hyde every time. One of the more interesting characters in That 70s Show, Hyde is all about peace and love, although he does have an unusual affinity for conspiracy theories.



freaks9. Daniel Desario (Freaks & Geeks)

Molded after so many other classic cinematic stoners, Daniel is your typical, standard-issue high school burnout. We’ve all seen them before onscreen and in real life, and Daniel delivers the role to a T.


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