Dating, cooking, socializing, traveling, shopping, and banking have all been revolutionized by the almighty app. As the weed-world impatiently awaits legalization on a federal level, software developers and engineers are likely gearing up to debut a plethora of weed smartphone apps that support the cannabis culture. If you’ve got a million dollar idea.. Or, er, just a million dollars…we suggest you invest it in the development of a cannabis smartphone app for iOS and android. It’s a no-brainer, really. This billion dollar industry is multi-faceted, and every aspect needs “an app for that”. 

While the cannabis lifestyle is less saturated in apps than the next, there are some awesome options out there that make purchasing, receiving and consuming cannabis a streamlined process. Check out the top 10 best weed apps that you might not have downloaded. 

1. Weedmaps

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Weedmaps Dispensary App

Weedmaps is the ultimate dispensary directory…and then some. The free app allows users to search and browse dispensary menus, business information, hours, reviews, and even current specials and deals. In addition, the app has grown to offer information on qualified physicians, brands, products and delivery services in a designated area set by the user. If you want to see what’s up in your area or on a trip and trying to get high—Weedmaps is the go-to. 

2. Leafly

Leafly Best Weed Apps

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Looking for a new strain to try? Leafly will fill you in on everything: how it will look, taste, smell, feel, and where to get it (with a list of dispensaries in your area and their competitive prices). This app encourages and empowers all levels of pot-lovers to get out and try something new. Learn about cannabis strains, laws, and culture with an easy-to-operate app that serves as a comprehensive resource. Leafly can also connect you with doctors and delivery services in your area. 

3. High There

High There Stoner App

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This 420 dating app started out as just that. Today, they offer a friendly social media platform that not only allows you to explore others who share your interests based on filters you set to curate your connections, but also offers added bonuses. Here, you can find dispensaries and products with an interactive map, get in on deals and discounts exclusive to the app community, and grow your professional network. Get it on Google Play or download on the App Store for free. 

4. Kush Scan

Kush Scan cannabis app

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Not sure which strain your homie hooked you up with? Or maybe you stumbled across a killer ground score and can’t identify it on stank alone. KushScan recognizes type, THC level, and sativa/indica level of flower photos. Upload a pic of your stash and the app displays the three most virtually similar strains in its database. Developers continue to update and improve the algorithm to offer an in-depth genetic analysis of hundreds of the most popular and common marijuana varieties. 

5. Tokr

Tokr weed app

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Available on iTunes and Google Play for free, Tokr offers cannabis delivery services in the LA area plus a unique shopping experience curated for each individual user. Set up a profile and get access to respected cannabis lifestyle brands and CBD-infused (literally) everything: pens, topicals, edibles, tinctures, ground coffee, soap, face masks, raw honey, olive oil, and other yummies all infused with hemp. Their cannabis marketplace is a safe space for users to explore without worrying about a brand’s integrity. 

6. Grow with Jane

Grow With Jane Cannabis Cultivation App

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Interested in cultivation? Grow with Jane is here to help. The app provides so many tools to assist you in a successful season. It offers grow logs and reminders to water, feed or fertilize your plants. You can set specifications for your plants and create environments for each unique cultivation situation. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, Grow with Jane is a huge help in keeping organized. 

7. Massroots

Massroots Marijuana App

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Get expert recommendations from cannabis enthusiasts and professionals with Massroots. Read ratings and reviews on strains and products, and share your personal experiences too. This free app available on Android and iPhone fosters connection in the cannabis community while providing education and an outlet for expression and bonding with like-minded individuals. 

8. Cannalator 

Cannalator Weed App

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Math is hard. Math, stoned, is even more difficult. Cannabis calculations can be tricky, and messing up a conversation for a batch of edibles can be a total dud or a sweaty, anxiety-induced situation. Cannalator is here to help you discover the average infusion percentage for oils and butters. Just enter the weight of your cannabis, its level of THC/CBD, and bake in confidence. The app also helps with tincture dosing for CBD oil. 

9. Eaze

Eaze Weed Delivery App

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California cities are notoriously annoying to navigate. Crazy traffic and expensive parking (if you can find a spot) are just a couple tiffs that locals and visitors can experience. If you live in California or are visiting, Eaze is a solid option for connecting you with verified and vetted delivery drivers from local dispensaries. The app serves 100+ counties in California and offers users the ability to place orders with local dispensaries to be delivered. The app shares daily deals and the driver’s ETA so that you know when to expect your dank delivery. 

10. Chef420 Tasty Edibles Cookbook

Chef420 Cannabis Smartphone AppYou can turn anything into an edible with a solid recipe, and this app is a cannabis cookbook at your fingertips. Easy-to-follow recipes for every meal of the day can infuse your life from morning to night. Enjoy desserts, cakes, candies, cannabutter, oils, and other delicious recipes. 


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