Nowadays, it seems that there is a smart phone app for anything and everything. From city guides to restaurant reviews, stock market tools to apps that enable your phone to get it on with another phone (really!), there is just no end to the ingenuity of programmers or the demands of consumers. Given the ubiquitous-ness of smart phones, it was only a matter of time before apps catering to the marijuana culture and industry were developed. The good news is that such apps are a reality nowadays, and we have rounded up a few of the most useful ones for tech-savvy marijuana users everywhere.

weed maps logoWeedmaps

Weedmaps is billed as a dispensary finder, but it is so much more than that. This amazingly useful app also helps you locate specific marijuana strains from around the world. Covering the United States, Europe, Canada, and other countries, this could be one of the most useful marijuana finder apps you can get.

Leafly Marijuana Strain and Dispensary Reviews

The developers of Leafly claim it to be the largest cannabis information resource in the world. Covering more than 600 strains, concentrates, concoctions, and even edibles, they are probably right. Featuring more than 80,000 reviews submitted by users, this is one guide you won’t want to be without.

frweed screenshotFrweed +

Designed specifically for marijuana patients, Frweed provides detailed information on some of the most valuable strains known to medical science. Providing instant access to information about more than 100 strains, this app could well take the place of Internet research, allowing you access to important information on the go.



If you are looking for a collection of high-res photos of medical marijuana plants on your smartphone, cannabisHD is the perfect app for you. Photographed in exquisite quality and detail, these plants are essential for anyone who has a need for medical marijuana.


iweeducation is a comprehensive database featuring loads of information about marijuana, including grow tips, genetics, history, THC and CBD content, and so much more. it also includes plenty of photos and detailed reviews of important marijuana strains.

Harborside Health Center

This amazingly useful app was developed for the Harborside Health Center. Covering both the Oakland and San Jose areas, the app allows mobile access to one of the most famous dispensaries in the United States. Features detailed photos and information on all the cannabis products that they have on offer.

thc finder logoMarijuana Dispensary Finder – THCFinder

Another dispensary finder, this one helps you track down not only marijuana dispensaries in your area, but doctors that will prescribe marijuana as well. You even have access to plenty of reviews that will help you make a more informed decision as to which strain to purchase.

Marijuana – MyGreenz Locator

More than just a dispensary finder, MyGreenz helsps you find clinics, smoke shops, and even individual legal marijuana dealers. With plenty of photos and videos, this essential app also features more than 3,000 locations in California and Colorado.

iDispensaries Lite

Need access to dispensaries, collectives, coops, and delivery services in the marijuana industry? iDispensaries is the perfect app for you. Also features information on head shops and smoke shops, allowing you instant access to key information wherever you are in the country.

medithrive logoMedithrive

Medithrive is the only app you will need to access information about the finest cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. Features an extensive menu with pictures, descriptions, and even prices of important marijuana strains.


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