growing marijuanaIf it’s your first time growing marijuana, you may think you’ve got it down. I mean, how hard can it actually be, right? Wrong. It’s a lot more intricate than just making sure your plants get water and sunlight. So, let’s get you started in the right direction. Here are some mistakes you do not want to make when nurturing your little buds.

  1. Don’t skip the literature! There are so many growers out there who have shared their fountain of wisdom on the internet or in books. Get marijuana literate.
  2. Don’t over-prune. I’ve heard marijuana plants being compared to human hair—the more you cut, the faster and better it grows. Not exactly. While you should cut back anything that has died off or that has overgrown, you don’t want to chop down your entire plant to make it grow faster — that’s just counter-productive!
  3. Don’t skimp on attention. With marijuana having relatively short life spans, they need lots of attention. They need to be fed, pruned and watered. You need to make sure they have enough light and proper ventilation.
  4. Don’t use just any fertilizer. You may be tempted to just buy regular fertilizer due to its convenience to find. Don’t. Different fertilizers have different ratios of potassium (k), nitrogen (n) and phosphorous (p). In every stage prior to flowering, your marijuana plant needs fertilizer higher in nitrogen; however, when the plant is in the flowering stage it requires a fertilizer higher in phosphorous.
  5. Don’t window grow. Window growing is not the most reliable source for marijuana plants. It presents two problems: a) everyone could then see your plants through the window and b) the plant will not get enough direct sunlight. Stick to the lamps.
  6. Don’t brag about your plants. You never know who you can trust with your beautiful marijuana plant secret. Don’t tell anyone. If you’re in a state where growing marijuana is still illegal, you could end up getting arrested and/or having your plant confiscated.
  7. Don’t be caught off guard. Be prepared. Yeah, your plant needs sun and fertilizer and you’ve got that down. What about a bug infestation? What about CO2 deficiencies? Plan ahead!
  8. Don’t assume your outdoor soil is going to work. Different soils have different pH levels. You want to make sure your soil is close to the 7.0 range if you want happy, healthy, delicious marijuana plants!
  9. Don’t let your plant get root bound. When your plant goes through a growth-spurt, so do their roots. The roots will reach down to the bottom and begin to climb the walls of its container, weakening and possibly killing your plant. Moral of the story: make sure your plant is in an adequately-sized container. If it seems like it has outgrown its home, carefully move it to something bigger.
  10. Don’t freak out. If your plant begins to wilt or yellow, it does not mean all is lost. It may just be lacking a certain nutrient. Try some things before you lose all hope and toss your plant to the side.

Now that you know what not to do, happy growing!

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