Recently a friend posted a picture on social media of a classic improvised pipe, the apple. Almost everyone is familiar with this beast, hewn from a real apple, and completely self-contained. My friend happened to be traveling around the world and had landed in a country where the laws around cannabis were particularly harsh and prohibitive. But he made the best of it with this time-tested improvised apple pipe. While apples are especially effective due to their moisture content, structural integrity and general ease of construction, they’re not the only food stuff you can smoke weed out of — not if you get really creative.

In fact, to paraphrase a cliche, anything can be smoked out of if you’re creative enough. OK, perhaps not soup. The basic element is simply separating the hot, fiery cherry you’re burning from your fleshy, burnable lips. The basic functionality of any pipe is this basic principle: Don’t burn your lips off. From there, you can introduce a liquid to form a bong if you have enough of a chamber to allow it. Thus, a number of foods become a cleverly improvised smoking device with a little creativity and maybe a straw or other accessory.

smoke weed out of apple smoke weed out of orange

Like an apple, other fruits can be bored (not as in dull, but as in drilling a hole) and used for smoking weed. You can burn pot on an orange, although you might need to add a straw to avoid getting a mouthful of juice. Pears, kiwis, pomegranates, even bananas could be used similarly. Of course, moisture content can be a factor so if the pears are particularly juicy that could be trickier than a denser fruit, like cherimoya.

Some pastries seem to work, provided you can create a bread tunnel inside. A baguette, properly hollowed out has enough structural integrity to form a rather long pipe — which could also absorb a lot of smoke. Instead, how about an eclair or croissant? Cake is likely too moist and prone to cave-ins to suffice, and cornbread is too crumbly. A tightly rolled tortilla could work, however, if it doesn’t unroll due to careless handling.

smoke weed out of a pineapplesmoke weed out of a melon

Getting fancier, we move up to bongs. Larger fruits like melons are perfect for this. Quite frequently we see carrots used as the downstem, because like apples they’re fairly easy to work with and aren’t too moist. You can even include a carb on a carrot, giving you that much more control over the burn. Pineapples, cantaloupes, squash, watermelons and pumpkins can all be hollowed out and filled with a liquid for basic filtration. Just pop a straw in the top and commence pulling huge rips with your improvised, organic bong.

smoke weed out of a watermelon smoke weed out of a pumpkin

For the truly brave, consider candy sources. This Starburst pipe takes a little work to mush into place, but works like a charm. Taffy has a similar consistency, and could work as well. The trick is to ensure the bowl doesn’t melt — which is why milk chocolate is out of the question.

There are lots of options here, like zucchini and cucumbers and the like, but whatever you do be careful that you wash the produce to avoid smoking pesticides. Also, water content will be the biggest detractor for keeping a bowl lit, and not getting lungfuls of fruit juice. Nothing beats good old glass for smoking, but if you’re just not around any tools for toking, at least you now know a few improvised ways to enjoy your cannabis.

What food items have you resorted to for smoking your buds? Let us know in the comments.

Credit to Food Beast for the images.


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