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There comes a time in every smoker’s life when he or she simply gets tired of breaking everything down by hand. When that time comes, you are going to want to invest in a good grinder. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture grinders, and prices and options can vary pretty wildly. The Cosmic Case 2 Piece Grinder is a simple but effective grinder, and designed to be an entry-level product to get you started on your way to never having to manually break your herb down again.

Looks and Design

Built with Aerospace grade materials and crafted in the USA, the 2 Piece Grinder has a magnetic seal and is available in three different sizes.

Cosmic Case Grinders
Cosmic Case Grinders


The way grinders work is simple: place your product inside and twist. The spinning motion moves the teeth on the top and bottom pieces close to each other, and the ground product can then be dumped out or even stored in the grinder until used up. The 2 Piece is high quality, sturdy, and will last the test of time, use after use.

The Kit

There’s three different sizes available, with the starting price at $23.99.

The Verdict

If you decide to try a Cosmic Grinder, make sure that you keep them clean. While higher quality grinders don’t gum-up as bad as lower quality (due to the nature of the design), it is still important to keep your tools clean. This will increase the life of the teeth and overall life of the grinder. And for the price, you can’t beat the quality you get for the money with these little grinders.

It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, accurate review that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At Stoner Things, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form a proper opinion of the product you are looking at. Our Cosmic Case 2 Piece Grinder review was carefully constructed and based on facts as well as our opinion. We here at Stoner Things are a neutral, impartial party aiming to provide an exact, factual representation of the product at hand.

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