Not everyone enjoys smoking; inhaling chemicals into your lungs isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world. Alternative ways to get high have been growing in popularity for a while now, fortunately. If smoking isn’t your thing then just go out and buy a vaporizer, but for those of us who’d rather not shell out a ton of cash, Bhang Bars are another option.

Among the best in edible marijuana, Bhang Bars are great for the medical marijuana patient who wants to eat his or her high.

Looks and Design

Rectangular bar of chocolate imprinted with the Bhang logo. Pretty straightforward.


These bars will definitely get you high. Everyone has a different tolerance level, but one to two pieces should have even daily smokers feeling something. A whole bar will have hardcore potheads tripping, while a single piece should do something for just about everyone else. It all depends on the person.

Right now Bhang Bars come in three different “strengths” determined by potency. Fire Chocolate, pictured left, is one of the two Triple Strength bars currently available.

The Kit

A single bar of your choice is anywhere from $10 to $18, though that may vary by location. Bhang Bars are distributed by dispensaries, so your local pot shop may charge less or more, but expect it to be close to the $10 mark. There are different flavors and all of them are quite tasty.

The Verdict

Here is where the Bhang Bar falls by the wayside; it’s only available in four states. While that doesn’t say anything about the quality of the medible, the fact that it’s currently off-limits to everyone outside California, Colorado, Michigan and New Mexico* keeps it from getting a perfect score. Otherwise this tasty bar may just be our new favorite edible.

*Make that five states; we just got word that Bhang Bars are coming to Arizona soon!

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  1. Ann, there is a multitude of flavors and strengths to choose from! Toffee Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Fire Chocolate and Milk Chocolate seem to be the most popular.


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