There truly is no place better to window shop than your local dispensary.  ‘Grass’ stations, as I like to call them, have some of the wildest paraphernalia.  Whether it is a thousand-dollar bong shaped like cartoon characters or Pink Floyd rolling trays, you never know what you’re going to find browsing a grass station.  Potheads love to invest in their hobby and smoking in extravagant, often unnecessary ways. Now it is the perfect time to bring rolling papers to the next level.

If there ever was a way to smoke weed in grandeur, it would be rolling it in 24K gold.  Imagine how much of a baller you would feel like strolling into a party packing joints of glittering luxury. Thanks to the cofounders of Shine, 24K gold blunt wraps are now a reality. Shine’s online store offers a variety of 24K gold rolling papers from king size to blunt wraps. 

24k blunt wrap
24K Blunt Wrap

Shine: the company behind these 24k gold rolling papers

Shine’s origin story involves a few friends sharing golden cigars and seeing the crossover potential. Their products are not new to the scene but they have been perfecting and expanding over the last few years.  Today, Shine gold rolling papers are available in grass stations all over the world, a fact they celebrate with their annual “Shine Day” when briefcases of golden merchandise are hidden in 240 international locations.

What it’s like to use a 24k blunt wrap

Potheads may love to find different ways to smoke cannabis, but when it comes to a joint, they can be very particular about their papers.  So, here is the low-down of rolling and burning gold. These pricey papers cost nearly ten dollars a piece, a jump from the micro-cents you’re used. Basically, you don’t want to mess up your roll. The paper itself is made with a hemp base, yet the foil itself does present a unique experience from traditional rollies. Seriously, your rolling game better be on-point.

gold blunt wraps
Shine gold blunt wraps

Burning a gold blunt offers its own variations of what you are accustomed to.  The gold does not burn; instead, it flakes off in the ash into what Shine refers to as “the gems”.  It’s up to you if you want to sift through your ashtray after to collect your investment.  

The gold does offer the benefit of burning extremely slow, the perfect way to smoke.  Unfortunately, gold papers tend to burn unevenly, especially if your herb is too dry and burns faster than the roll.  Again, special care should be put into constructing these precious blunts.

Health implications: Should we be inhaling gold?

Generally, it’s not a good idea to inhale any kind of smoke. Though there is not much information on the impact gold would have on the lungs. What studies there are indicate that it would take significant continuous inhalation to reach any serious health concerns.  Essentially, gold is no more dangerous than burning traditional papers. Shine’s website had this to say about the health risks of smoking gold:

golden rolling papers
Shine golden rolling papers

“There is no such thing as healthy smoking, but the way our papers are made, the edible 24k gold actually stays on the ashes. We have never heard of anyone getting sick from our product, and there has been some testing done back in May of 2011 where researchers worked with rats on gold inhalation, and the results were:

Rats were subjected to inhaling gold nanoparticles (2.36 × 105 particle/cm3, 0.38 μg/m3) for 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 90-days in a whole-body inhalation chamber and the levels of gold were not statistically significant in the severity of any adverse effects (NOAEL – No-observed-adverse-effect level). So, that study found no adverse side effects after 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 90 days of gold inhalation in a whole body chamber… if you’re smoking that much Shine contact us about buying the company.”

Are these papers worth their weight?

By no means would it be necessary for you to find these papers tonight to burn one by yourself. No, these are a novelty, an extravagant novelty. But I can think of at least a few times these may be worth doubling the price of what’s rolled inside. Maybe you want to smoke a golden joint on your wedding day, for a Great Gatsby themed party, or perhaps you want to record your own 90s-style rap video.

A two-pack of regular-sized papers costs $20 USD, and it goes up from there to the $35USD blunt wraps.  If you want to smoke like King Midas, you are going to have to pay your way. It’s up to you when it is worth bringing out the fancy papers.  But, for the love of precious metals, be careful and take your time when twisting your golden joint.


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