Many vaporizer and dabbing rig users are tinkerers at heart, and we are all looking for ways to enhance the functionality and increase the versatility of our rigs. The good news is that the market has literally exploded with scores of aftermarket add-ons and modifications that can make your current vaporizer or dabbing rig an substantially more efficient and versatile device.

wulf modsEven if you are already totally satisfied with the performance of your current rig, there is always something you can add to it to make it work better and more efficiently, and deliver a generally more enjoyable experience.

Enter Wulf Mods, which provides a stellar array of domes that can greatly increase the functionality and versatility of your current vaporizer or dabbing rig. Wulf Mods Domes come in a range of different sizes and designs, each ideally suited for a particular rig or function. Among the most noteworthy models in the Wulf Mods lineup are:

  • Wulf Type B
  • Wulf Type C
  • Wulf Elips
  • Wulf Ceramic Concentrate Dome
  • Wulf Titanium Concentrate Dome
  • Wulf Titanium Dual Coil Dome

With all these different models of Wulf Mods Domes, it is safe to say that you will be well-equipped to handle practically any vaporizing or dabbing requirement.

The Wulf Type B measures 2 3/8” long and it will work with any battery with a 510 thread, including the company’s own Marquee and Trippy Stix models. Featuring a revolutionary glass cover and 2-piece heating chamber design, the Wulf Type B prevents the spillage of essential oils, making your supply last longer. And with titanium and ceramic nichrome components, this model is built for durability.

The Wulf Type C measures 2 ¾”, and is daily suited for use with waxes and essential oils. This model boasts a fast heating system and 2-piece filling chamber that reduces the likelihood of residue build-up on the dome. Designed to fit with any battery with a 510 thread pattern, the Wulf Type C also features a convenient extra heating chamber.

The Wulf Elips dome delivers excellent performance in an easy-to-use package. It measures ¾” long, and works amazingly well with all types of concentrates and oils. Stainless steel and titanium components ensure rugged durability for a wide range of applications, and the transparent glass dome keeps oil and vapor neatly contained.

The Wulf Ceramic Concentrate Dome is a ceramic nichrome and glass model that is both easy to use and solidly built. Measuring 2 3/8” long, this model will fit onto almost any vaporizer or dabbing rig with a 510 thread pattern. Using it is as easy as removing the glass cover and unscrewing the top section of the heating chamber, after which you place your oil or concentrate inside the unit, and then place the cap and mouthpiece back on. The Wulf Mods Ceramic Concentrate Dome also comes with an additional atomizer.

The Wulf Titanium Concentrate Dome is a larger model that fits 510-patterned vaporizers and dabbing rigs as well. The coil itself is crafted from high-grade titanium, ensuring maximum performance and durability.

The last model in the lineup is the Wulf Titanium Dual Coil Dome, which delivers the same great performance as the other models in the Wulf Mods Domes selection. With vape pen functionality and quality components, this model is one of the company’s biggest sellers.

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