Dabbing cannabis concentrates offers you a high-potency, fast-acting, and ultra-flavorful experience compared to other delivery methods (e.g. smoking, edibles). When you torch your glass dab rig or turn on your vape pen, the applied heat activates therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes, cannabis’ chemical compounds. One of the most contentious topics in the dabbing world is how hot you should heat your dab nail.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how hot you want to heat your dab nail, but many people are turning to low-temperature dabs to preserve terpenes with low boiling points and produce a smoother hit. Scorching your dab nail is still a quick and dirty way of feeling a speedy headrush, but low-temperature dabs offer a more balanced, complex and flavorful dabbing experience.

Let’s say you bought a high-terpene full-spectrum extract such as sauce or live resin and you want to get the most flavor out of your dabs. Without a temperature radar or any form of temperature control, you’re likely overheating your dab nail or vaporizer, which can degrade the terpenes you spent your hard-earned money on. In order to reap as many of those aromas as possible, you have to apply low temperatures to your dab rig or extract vaporizer.

If you heat your dab nail up to 1,000 ºF, you’ll likely ruin the terpene profile and get a harsh hit. Fortunately, you can invest in an eNail or vaporizer with adjustable temperature settings to get low-temperature dabs every time. From desktop electronic nails to portable vaporizers, you have many dabbing options to choose from. An eNail’s digital display helps you to maintain a consistent temperature so that you don’t combust your dabs or leave behind a puddle because the nail isn’t hot enough.


There are many different ways to enjoy low-temp, terpene-rich dabs so that your extracts last longer and taste better. It can take careful experimentation with your heating element to account for any temperature variability. High-temperature dabs can deliver a faster onset of effects, but sacrifice much of the extract’s intended taste. If you’re looking to have a more complex-tasting dab and balanced effects, consider low-temperature dabbing as well as other helpful dabbing accessories.


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