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If you’re looking for a natural alternative to support your health and wellbeing, consider cannabis. People have harnessed the healing powers of the marijuana plant for centuries to treat common ailments like chronic pain and improve mood.

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In the 1830s an Irish doctor treated patients in India suffering from stomach pain and vomiting with cannabis extracts. Soon after, cannabis extracts were sold in pharmacies and by doctors throughout Europe and the US. Though much has changed since then, as the government tirelessly fought marijuana use during the ‘war on drugs’ and pot stared in many propaganda productions, we have finally come full circle.

Today, two pharmaceutical drugs, Marinol and Syndros with the active ingredient THC, are FDA approved and used to treat nausea and loss of appetite. Epidiolex, made of nearly 100% cannabidiol (CBD), is approved for the treatment of severe seizure disorders in children. And 33 states have legalized the use of Medical Marijuana.

THC and CBD are utilized by medical marijuana patients to improve a long list of ailments including mental health issues like anxiety, depression, anorexia, and PTSD, and relieve unpleasantries from serious diseases like cancer, HIV, Hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease, and epilepsy. As many are ditching pharmaceutical drugs that come with negative side effects, quality of life is improving.