Monday, August 10, 2020

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Marijuana has taken over mainstream news headlines across the country and infiltrated everything from politics and business to health and science. We’re here to deliver educated information that every stoner should know. Our articles report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it.

run the jewels branded cannabis strain

Run The Jewels Unveils New Branded Cannabis Strain

Run the Jewels can be described as a collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P, or a supergroup -- but the team has been busy...
legalization highly likely new jersey

New Poll Suggests Legalization Is Highly Likely in New Jersey This Year

Marijuana legalization efforts have curiously languished in two states: New York and New Jersey. While there’s sentiment, the political will has been strangely lacking...
Biden would give states federal aid to expunge marijuana convictions

Biden Would Give Federal Aid to States Expunging Criminal Marijuana Records

The U.S. has slowly seen a transformation in the conversation around cannabis, going from a peak of anti-weed sentiment in the 1990’s to states...
us military former cannabis users reenlist

US Military Could Soon Allow Former Cannabis Users to Re-Enlist

A consequence of cannabis being illegal at the Federal level is that jobs involving the Feds will involve scrutiny of one’s past drug history....
israel world largest cannabis importer

Israel Overtakes Germany to Become World’s Largest Cannabis Importer

An Israeli cannabis news site, Cannabis Magazine (link in Hebrew), reports that the country’s imports of cannabis have exceeded 6 metric tons. Sure, that’s...
banksy art collection toronto dispensary toyko snmoke

Banksy Graffiti Art Becomes Permanent Feature at Toronto Dispensary

Banksy is renowned for ephemeral artwork, whether it’s graffiti, street installations, or self-destructing art pieces that trigger upon sale. That’s not to say people...
CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs? Cannabis May Help Canines with Arthritis, Study Reveals

Animal testing has long been controversial, not just because of the harm it can do to animals but because the science is questionable. After...
oregon vote decriminalizing all drugs november 2020

Oregon Residents Will Vote on Decriminalizing All Drugs in November Election

Around the U.S. voters have had opportunities to vote on state laws, and in many cases in the past decade they’ve chosen to legalize...

Forget “Fake News” and keep relevant with our articles that report on the latest happenings in the industry and the inner workings that influence it. The cannabis industry is easily the fastest-growing market of the century, so it can be a lot of work to keep up while picking through biased information and click bait. Our site is dedicated to providing the latest cannabis news as it pertains to business, politics, and health in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

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