By now, the legalization of marijuana all over the country is old news. In the wake of legislation allowing the medical–and in two states, the recreational–use of marijuana, a number of dispensaries have cropped up catering to the needs of patients and the pot happy public. Nowadays, you can walk into a shop and buy marijuana with the same ease and convenience in which you can buy a loaf or bread or a jug of milk…almost. While there are certain restrictions regarding the sale of marijuana, it is now easier than ever to buy marijuana legally in the legal states than from a shady street corner dealer. Wondering where to buy your pot legally? Here are some dispensaries worth checking out.

1. Wellness 702 South East/West

The premier dispensary in Las Vegas, Wellness is focused on providing marijuana patients with the finest strains available. This is a “delivery-only” service, which means that although you can’t see the products beforehand, the convenience more than makes up for it.

2. Wellness 702 North

The north branch of Wellness, this one is also a “delivery-only” service. As with the South East/West branch, this one always prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring that you get only the finest marijuana strains available on the market today.

central remedies logo3. Central Remedies

Central Remedies is located at 5712 S. Central Ave. in Los Angeles. The company offers a variety of high quality strains for marijuana patients, and their service is second to none. Also known for maintaining one of the largest selections of OG strains in the city.

4. The Healing Center

Another Los Angeles dispensary, The Healing Center is open for 24-hour service. Offering a wide selection of the finest strains in the business, this dispensary is essential for those looking for only the highest quality medications. The Healing Center is located at 3943 South Vermont Avenue.

5. Greenmart

The aptly named Greenmart is located at 910 West Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington, San Pedro, California. Billed as a “medicine superstore”, this dispensary boasts of a huge selection of organic strains and edibles, all of the highest quality.

6. CWC

Offering 24-hour service, CWC is located at 5830 Bonsallo Ave in Los Angeles. The company takes pride in offering only top-shelf products, and you even get a free edible on your first visit. Possibly the biggest selection of edibles in the Los Angeles area.

7. Wellness 951 Collective

This branch of Wellness located in Temeluca, California is a “delivery-only” service. The shop offers eights that come out to 4 grams, which you can get for only a $50 donation.

8. Disabled Patients Group

Disabled Patients Group is located at 2016 E Anaheim St. in Long Beach. First-time patients are always welcome at the shop, and are gifted with an eight totaling 4.5 grams, or a pre-rolled joint, or a tasty edible.

mercury organic logo9. Mercury Organics

Located at 1012 Grand Avenue on Pacific Beach, Mercury Org takes pride in its superb collection of strains, with a good selection of pre-rolled and edibles always on offer.

10. V& G Collective

V& G Collective is located at 2309 Chester Avenue in Bakersfield, California. A non-profit organization, the collective is thoroughly focused on providing for the needs of medical cannabis patients.


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