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When it comes to getting high- what’s more important than your stash and the stuff you use to smoke it? We’ve got years of experience backing our authority to test out stoner essentials and report back with everything you need to know.

Strain Reviews

Our strain reviews offer more than the typical information on appearance, flavor, odor, and effects. We give you the legit low-down that includes history and background information on the plant. Our articles focus on individual strains and themes of interest like the 5 strongest strains, the 10 best indicas of all time, and the best strains for anxiety, creativity, and more.

Product Reviews

In need of new stoner gear? We’ve got you covered with our product reviews. From smoking essentials, glass, and cultivation equipment to apparel, dab tools, subscription boxes, and novelty items you never knew you needed—our honest product reviews reflect the latest, the greatest and the all-time favorites. We’ll fill you in on how it works, why you need it, and where to get it.


dab rig sets review

Yo Dabba Dabba Rig Sets Comes with Everything You Need to Start Dabbing

Why waste time, energy and most importantly, money trying to put together a Frankenstein rig setup when you can just opt for a complete...
king palm review

King Palm Review: What You Need to Know

King Palm offers the latest and greatest in rolling paper tech, hence the recent influx of attention they’re receiving. With all of the disparity...
best weed grinders

Best Weed Grinders You Can Buy in 2023

Investing in a quality grinder is a no-brainer.  Sure, you can skimp and grab a cheap import that will clog or break after a...
dutch treat weed

Dutch Treat Strain Review

Dutch Treat has been a coffee shop favorite out in Amsterdam for decades, and the same can be said for here in the states...
innovative cannabis products

Cannabis Tech: 4 Most Innovative Weed Products

Even though all you really need to smoke weed is the weed itself and a lighter, stoners are some of the most ingenious people...
best high yielding strains

5 Best High Yielding Strains You Should Grow

The easiest way to get a good return on your grow equipment investment is opting for high yielding weed strains for your garden. Luckily,...
platinum silver strain

Platinum Silver Strain Review

Platinum Silver is a lesser-known strain, but it’s quickly catching fire in popularity all over the country. Best known for its woody, citrusy flavor...
grandaddy purple wax review

Grandaddy Purple Wax Concentrate Review

There’s so much to love about the Grandaddy Purple strain in general. But what if it was more concentrated and potent? I had the...
candy kush strain review

Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush is a super popular strain in the medical marijuana scene, so it can be found pretty much everywhere. Beloved for its piney,...
solstice review

Solstice Strain Review

Solstice is a pretty rare strain that you can only find at a handful of dispensaries across the states. But those who have tried...
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