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When it comes to getting high- what’s more important than your stash and the stuff you use to smoke it? We’ve got years of experience backing our authority to test out stoner essentials and report back with everything you need to know.

Strain Reviews

Our strain reviews offer more than the typical information on appearance, flavor, odor, and effects. We give you the legit low-down that includes history and background information on the plant. Our articles focus on individual strains and themes of interest like the 5 strongest strains, the 10 best indicas of all time, and the best strains for anxiety, creativity, and more.

Product Reviews

In need of new stoner gear? We’ve got you covered with our product reviews. From smoking essentials, glass, and cultivation equipment to apparel, dab tools, subscription boxes, and novelty items you never knew you needed—our honest product reviews reflect the latest, the greatest and the all-time favorites. We’ll fill you in on how it works, why you need it, and where to get it.


candy kush strain review

Candy Kush Strain Review

Candy Kush is a super popular strain in the medical marijuana scene, so it can be found pretty much everywhere. Beloved for its piney,...
solstice review

Solstice Strain Review

Solstice is a pretty rare strain that you can only find at a handful of dispensaries across the states. But those who have tried...
terp slurp set

Terp Slurp from Yo Dabba Dabba: Review

If you’re not up to date with the latest trends, you’re missing out. Terp Slurpers are the top of the line in dab innovation...
Sour weed strain

Sour Weed Strains: What Causes Certain Cannabis to Taste Sour?

Everybody loves a good sour strain. Their complex terpene profiles offer a unique flavor profile and may even offer unique effects, which is part...
best terp tubes water pipes dab rigs

The 5 Best Terp Tube Water Pipes and Bongs

On the hunt for the next best thing for your glass collection? You can’t go wrong with Terp Tubes. Here are the top 5...
diablo strain review

Diablo Strain Review

Diablo is another one of those strains that has been around for a super long time. But don’t let the name fool you —...
puffco proxy review

Puffco Proxy: the World’s First Truly Modular Vaporizer

In our latest product review, we’re checking out Puffco’s Proxy, Learn all about the device in our Puffco Proxy review. Introducing the Puffco Proxy  Puffco is...
ak47 strain review

AK47 Strain Review

AK47 has graced coffee shop and dispensary shelves for pretty much ever. But there’s a reason for that — it’s buzzy cerebral effects are...
twisty glass blunt review

Twisty Glass Blunt: Everything You Need to Know

You don’t have to roll to enjoy a blunt these days. That’s right, folks — we’re going paperless. And before the blunt blowers start...
strawberry diesel strain

Strawberry Diesel Strain Review

Strawberry Diesel is a classic that you can find in most dispensaries — but it isn’t antiquated. It’s juicy, gassy aromas and balanced high...
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