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When it comes to getting high- what’s more important than your stash and the stuff you use to smoke it? We’ve got years of experience backing our authority to test out stoner essentials and report back with everything you need to know.

Strain Reviews

Our strain reviews offer more than the typical information on appearance, flavor, odor, and effects. We give you the legit low-down that includes history and background information on the plant. Our articles focus on individual strains and themes of interest like the 5 strongest strains, the 10 best indicas of all time, and the best strains for anxiety, creativity, and more.

Product Reviews

In need of new stoner gear? We’ve got you covered with our product reviews. From smoking essentials, glass, and cultivation equipment to apparel, dab tools, subscription boxes, and novelty items you never knew you needed—our honest product reviews reflect the latest, the greatest and the all-time favorites. We’ll fill you in on how it works, why you need it, and where to get it.


Puff puff pass card game

Puff Puff Pass: the New Card Game That’s Perfect for Getting High with Friends

Since the 1970’s there have been weed-themed card games. Grass, based on Mille Bornes, has you playing a dealer trying to sell weed without...
Herojuana strain review

Herojuana Strain Review

The Herojuana (sometimes spelled as “Herijuana”) strain is a balanced 50/50 hybrid cross between Petrolia Headstash and Killer New Haven checking in at a...
best joint filter tips

The Best Types of Joint Filter Tips for Upgrading Your Joints

Filter tips are designed to help cannabis smokers in a number of ways, like helping avoid roach clips, allowing you to smoke the whole...
RYOT GR8TR grinder review

RYOT GR8TR Dry Herb Grinder: The Perfect Combination of Performance and Style

Looking for a useful and well-designed grinder for your herb? Sure, we all are at some point, but a lot of units fall down...
Alien OG Strain Review

Alien OG Strain Review

Looking into new strains? Look no further than our most recent dispensary find, Alien OG. The Alien OG strain offers a ton of great...
Platinum Sky Strain Review

Platinum Sky Strain Review

We’re back this week with another in-depth strain review. This week, we’re covering the coveted Platinum Sky strain, which has been pretty difficult to...
Caviar Gold Product Review

Caviar Gold Review

Ever wonder where the popular “moonrocks” and “caviar” flowers come from? They all started with LA-based Caviar Gold. Here’s our detailed review of their...

Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Inserts Product Review

Dab tech is constantly changing and expanding to offer a more flavorful and refined dabbing experience for concentrate enthusiasts. The latest in a long...
Jerry OG Strain Review

Jerry OG Strain Review

If you’re on the hunt for a new strain to try at your local dispensary, look no further than Jerry OG. Jerry OG is...
Dabtabs review

Dab Tabs: The Dabbing Innovation Revolutionizing Usage and Dosing

The cannabis industry is always working towards revolutionizing and simplifying the way we use cannabis products. One of the newest technologies to hit the...
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