Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Famous Cannabis Smokers

Stay up-to-date on your favorite famous stoners. Our articles fill you in on Snoop Dog, Seth Rogen, Tommy Chong, and Killer Mike- to name a few.

Influential Tokers

killer mike joe biden bernie sanders legalization plan

Killer Mike Urges President Elect Biden To Follow Bernie Sanders’ Marijuana Legalization Plan

Although President-Elect Joe Biden has indicated he’s not going to immediately legalize marijuana when he takes office, even saying that he “knows a lot...
weldon angelos presidential pardon

Snoop Dog’s Music Producer Receives Presidential Pardon

Should people who do a crime that is illegal one year but not the next remain in jail? While we’re obviously talking weed here,...
seth rogen advice on covid 19

“Smoke Weed and Watch Movies”: Seth Rogen’s Advice on Beating COVID-19

If there’s a stoner sage for the ages, it’s Seth Rogen (OK, Snoop as well). When he’s not playing a time-traveling pickled man, he’s...
run the jewels branded cannabis strain

Run The Jewels Unveils New Branded Cannabis Strain

Run the Jewels can be described as a collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P, or a supergroup -- but the team has been busy...
ben and jerrys use 420 promoting social justice

Ben & Jerry’s Use 4/20 To Promote Marijuana Reform

Believe it or not, there are Ben & Jerry’s superfans. The brand definitely has a cult following, in addition to the occasional purchaser given...
420 virtual celebrations

Four Twenty Celebrations Go Online: A Roundup Of Virtual Events

We’re in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and large social gatherings are out of the picture in most places...
whoopi maya

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Has Shut Down

One of the biggest flops of the dotcom era was Flooz, an “e-currency” that predated Bitcoin. Do you remember when anything dealing...
celebrities invest cannabis industry

Top 10 Celebrities Invested in the Cannabis Industry

Within the last decade, the cannabis industry has skyrocketed. Mostly, this is thanks to the fact that it has become legal and...
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