Friday, August 7, 2020

Famous Cannabis Smokers

Stay up-to-date on your favorite famous stoners. Our articles fill you in on Snoop Dog, Seth Rogen, Tommy Chong, and Killer Mike- to name a few.

Influential Tokers

run the jewels branded cannabis strain

Run The Jewels Unveils New Branded Cannabis Strain

Run the Jewels can be described as a collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P, or a supergroup -- but the team has been busy...
ben and jerrys use 420 promoting social justice

Ben & Jerry’s Use 4/20 To Promote Marijuana Reform

Believe it or not, there are Ben & Jerry’s superfans. The brand definitely has a cult following, in addition to the occasional purchaser given...
420 virtual celebrations

Four Twenty Celebrations Go Online: A Roundup Of Virtual Events

We’re in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and large social gatherings are out of the picture in most places...
whoopi maya

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Has Shut Down

One of the biggest flops of the dotcom era was Flooz, an “e-currency” that predated Bitcoin. Do you remember when anything dealing...
celebrities invest cannabis industry

Top 10 Celebrities Invested in the Cannabis Industry

Within the last decade, the cannabis industry has skyrocketed. Mostly, this is thanks to the fact that it has become legal and...
weeds sequel mary jane parker

Weeds Sequel Starring Mary-Louise Parker Is In Development At Starz

If you haven’t seen the show Weeds, you probably should. If you appreciate cannabis culture and have followed the ever-changing legal landscape,...
snoop doog salaried blunt roller

Snoop Dogg Employs A Salaried Blunt Roller

What’s your ideal career path? Maybe college and an internship followed by working in a junior capacity only to rise through the ranks of...
seth rogen snoop dogg advice first time smokers

Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Share Advice For First-Time Smokers

In a roclicking interview with the master himself, Howard Stern, two veteran smokers give the simplest, but perhaps the most powerful advice to new...

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