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Famous Cannabis Smokers

Stay up-to-date on your favorite famous stoners. Our articles fill you in on Snoop Dog, Seth Rogen, Tommy Chong, and Killer Mike- to name a few.

Influential Tokers

best celebrity cannabis brands

Top Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands You Should Know About

While a lot of celebrity brands seem to put out mids in fancy packages, these brands are the real deal. Read on to learn...
clown cannabis brand hashbone pre rolls slipknot founder

Slipknot Co-Founder Launches HashBone Pre-Rolled Cannabis Line

Pre-roll cannabis products are making waves these days, possibly because of the pandemic -- people may bring their own rolls to a sesh and...
celebrities who love marijuana

12 Celebrities Who Are Outspoken Supporters of Marijuana

Though cannabis advocates and activists are still pushing for federal legalization, marijuana has been legalized for both medical and recreational uses in many states...
Berner rolling papers

Rapper and Cannabis Entrepreneur Berner Launches Line of Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are meant to be as invisible as possible, usually. That is, you don’t want to choke on the paper, but the smoke...
monogram ad campaign

Jay-Z’s Weed Brand Monogram References Bestiality and Cannabalism to Highlight Hypocrisy of Cannabis Laws

Cannabis is a world rife with provocative images. Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, is going all-in on pointing out the hypocrisy of weed in a...

Reggae Pioneer Bunny Wailer, Who Found Fame with Bob Marley, Dies Aged 73

Bob Marley was more than a legendary reggae musician and cannabis advocate. He was particularly important because he helped popularize “world music” in the...
FryDay Kush Ice Cube Cannabis Brand

Ice Cube Launches His Own Cannabis Brand

It’s perhaps a little surprising that the star of classic 90’s pot-laden comedy Friday and founding member of N.W.A. Ice Cube didn’t already have...
Rick Steves Norml Board of Directors

Rick Steves, Longtime Cannabis Advocate, to Become Chairman of NORML Board of Directors

Not everyone is aware of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML. Even so, NORML has been fighting for legalization...
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