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Cannabis Events

Looking for a cannabis event? Mark your calendar, snag your tickets, and don’t miss out with help from Stoner Things. From charity carnivals to cannabis cruises and more, our events page will keep you busy year round.

Latest Cannabis Events

friends in weed colorado service industry

‘Friends In Weed’ Set Up To Protect Colorado’s Service Industry During COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no question that one of the hardest hit sectors of the COVID-19 lockdowns is the service industry. Restaurants are closed, along with bars...
420 virtual celebrations

Four Twenty Celebrations Go Online: A Roundup Of Virtual Events

We’re in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and large social gatherings are out of the picture in most places...
Stoner Things 420 giveaway

Stoner Things’ 4/20 Giveaway

Check out the products featured in our 4/20 giveaway. From bongs and cannagar kits to cleaning solutions and odor eliminators, we’ve included...

Superbowl: Medical Cannabis Ad Banned By CBS

Some say the Super Bowl isn’t just watched by football fans, but also by fans of commercials. Yes, believe it or not,...
luxury weed tourism canada

Luxury Weed Tourism: Canada’s Newest Trend

Pot tourism in the U.S. began shortly after recreational cannabis was legalized. The trouble was, visitors were left to their own devices, trying to...
seth rogen hilarity for charity county fair

Seth Rogen’s Marijuana-Fuelled Charity Carnival For Alzheimer’s

Seth Rogen has used his celebrity status to help bring awareness to cannabis, now he’s using cannabis to help raise money for Alzheimer’s. In...
cannabis cruise new york city

New York City’s Secret Underground Cannabis Cruise

New York City is the land of opportunity. Although recreational cannabis is still not legal, many residents and visitors get to embrace cannabis in...
music festival weed sales

Northern Nights Music Festival First Ever To Allow Marijuana Sales

Music festivals are a unique and interesting experience for any attendee. Marked by good vibes, chill music and head banging, festivals have...
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