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At Stoner Things, we all love Weed Culture. What exactly is weed culture, though? It’s all of your favorite 420 things: stoner movies and music, influential tokers and all the latest marijuana events.

We cover absolutely everything associated to the awesome stoner life. Light up a fatty and enjoy.

perfect marijuana dispensary

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Perfection may mean different things to different people, but there’s no denying dispensaries are getting better and better. Once upon a time,...
americans spend 400 million july fourth

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A truly “great” America is one where marijuana is legally accessible for all. What better way to celebrate our Independence than with...

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Researchers have long wondered about the intentions of recreational marijuana usage in non-medically licensed customers. Some claimed that the increasing development of...
glass artist brian owoc makes pipes shaped like doughnuts

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It turns out Homer Simpson isn’t the only person inspired by doughnuts. A Maine glass blower found his inspiration in the globs...
usps hemp products legal to ship

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Across the USA laws are changing, but so far at the Federal level marijuana is still illegal. The 2018 Farm Bills legalized...