Type: Indica.Yoda OG

Appearance: Small, green buds with scattered bits of orange.

Smell: Strong dank scent.

Potency: Strong, immediate effects.

Taste: A very light, fruity taste, almost bordering on lemon. Very subtle.

Summary: Yoda OG is a strong strain across the board, giving great effects and producing great aesthetics.


If you want the kind of body-high where movement isn’t an option then for sure go with the Yoda OG strain. This thing will keep you locked down for hours, but the upside here is a huge amount of pain relief, no anxiety or stress and some very deep relaxation. For the medical marijuana user this is a great smoke before bed or before a movie. This isn’t a mild indica so don’t do any day smoking or expect to be productive; like any strain out there, Yoda OG has its time and its place. While we love the pain-relief and relaxation it brings to the table, being couch-locked for so long is lowers this strain’s overall score. The taste could be stronger, as well, but at least it’s pleasant and not harsh.

4/5 overall.



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