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The Skilletools Master Kit: Essential Tool For Dab Masters

If you have been dabbing for a while but you’ve still been making do with the closest common household implement you can get your hands on, it is high time you made the switch to a quality dabbing tool. The SkilleTools Master Kit is a more than a good start – it could very well be the last set of dabbing tools you will ever need. So if you are thinking of taking your dabbing to the next level of efficiency and performance, read on to find out more about the SkilleTools Master Kit.

Boasting a stellar lineup of high-quality dabbing implements, the SkilleTools Master Kit comes in a stylish carrying case with a single outside pocket, as well as two mesh inside pockets. But it is the tools that you should pay close attention to, as they are truly some of the finest implements of their kind, in this or any other price range. Comprising the Glassy, the ProTool, the Flexy, the Sharpy, and the cleverly-named Scoop Dogg, the kit offers everything you could possibly need in order to ensure a state-of-the-art dabbing experience. You get a good range of lengths with all those different dabbers, so you are pretty much covered for most dabbing scenarios.

The tips are also all shaped differently, giving you a much greater degree of versatility and control than that which you could achieve with run-of-the-mill dabbing sets. You get an elongated/angled scoop ideally suited for general use, and a pointed/rounded curved scoop for more precise applications. The kit also comes with an elongated flat scraper, making it easy to reach into a deep jar or a cylindrical stash container. You also get a dental pick with dual ends (great for reaching into tight spots), and a surprisingly useful mini-scraper that is just the thing for minute scraping and dabbing work.

Beginners stand to gain better mastery over their dabs with this fine set of tools, but even more experienced users will appreciate the greater control and precision that they can provide. Whether you have been dabbing for a couple of years or you are new to the ways of the dab, the SkilleTools Master Kit is a worthy addition to your toolkit.

How to Win

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Eager to get your hands on a SkilleTools Master Kit? We can’t blame you! All you have to do is drop in on our Facebook page, and leave a nice little comment. With any luck, you may be this week’s #weedwednesday winner! If not, better luck next time, and rest assured that you will get another chance to win an equally awesome prize in next week’s competition!
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Blue Satellite Review

marijuana strain

Indicas definitely have their place for medical and recreational use, but you just can’t beat a good sativa. Blue Satellite is one such example, and it could very well be one of the most potent sativas you can hope to come across. A noticeably heavy representative of the sativa clan, Blue Satellite is all about the head high. No couch-lock here: like all quality sativas, Blue Satellite will get you baked while keeping you alert and focused.

Unsurprisingly, many aficionados hold Blue Satellite in high regard as a morning strain. Ideally suited for medicating first thing in the morning, Blue Satellite will give you a bright and fresh start to your day, with none of the drowsiness and stupor that characterizes even other sativa strains. With Blue Satellite, your head remains clear even as you ride the pleasurable waves of the high, providing you an excellent morning experience that carries on nicely and eases you gently back into normality after a couple of hours.

One thing about Blue Satellite is that it does have a unique smell and flavor signature. Almost unusually clean and crisp, the flavor and smell of Blue Satellite has been likened to pine cleaning products by some of its less enthusiastic users. Nevertheless, the flavor and smell are by no means offensive, and it shouldn’t be an issue at all for most users.

In any case, the psychoactive effects of Blue Satellite cannot be disputed. Powerful and potent without becoming too overwhelming, Blue Satellite is a good example of what a fine sativa should be.

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