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This week, we offer you the chance to win a brand spanking new Dab Vac, which might just be the finest piece of vaporizing machinery you will ever have the fortune to own. Learn more about Headdies’ Dab Vac in our short review below, and check back again next week for another amazing #weedwednesday giveaway!

How to Win

Want a chance to win the Headdies Dab Vac? It’s about as easy as can be! Simply head on over to our Facebook page, say “hi!” or just make a comment, and you are automatically eligible for the draw! It really is that simple, and as our growing number of #weedwednesday winners can attest, the prizes are absolutely topnotch! Good luck and check back for another #weedwednesday giveaway next week!

The Dab Vac – True Value In High Performance

headdies dab vacFew things are as enjoyable as using a good vaporizer, and the Dab Vac definitely fits into that category! One of the best examples of the current state-of-the-art in vaporizer technology, the Dab Vac offers just enough features to provide you with a quality vaporizing experience, but not enough to overwhelm you. Simplicity and innovation don’t always go hand-in-hand – particularly when it comes to vaporizers – but the way that the makers of the Dab Vac (Headdies) have managed to do so is a feat unto itself.

Value for money

Available for around $70, the Dab Vac comes in right around the middle of the price scale, making it an excellent upgrade from your current cheapo vaporizer, or a handy alternative to have around. In fact, given the outstanding performance and features provided by Headdies’ Dab Vac, you might just end up using this one a lot more than you thought. And when you consider the significant benefits offered by the unit’s unique design…well, don’t be surprised if it becomes your primary vape tool.

Glass-on-glass design

One of the best features of the Dab Vac is its revolutionary glass-on-glass design. It pairs a glass bowl with a glass rod-and-whip combo, making it a unique and novel twist on the traditional titanium nail-equipped design. Instead of vaporizing the concentrate directly on a red-hot titanium nail, the Dab Vac employs a system that allows you to place a bit of the concentrate into the bowl and then vaporize it by touching the heated glass rod to it. This produces an exceptionally smooth and tasty vapor, with all the flavors of the herb or concentrate left intact.

Greater control

Apart from smoothness, the Dab Vac also provides you with a superb degree of control over every aspect of the vaporizing process. Because you are moving the heating source – which in this case is the hot rod – to the concentrate instead of having it sit on the hot surface of the titanium nail, you minimize burning and wastage that are so often drawbacks to ensuring a totally satisfying and rewarding vaporizing experience.

With its reasonable price tag, useful features, and excellent build construction, the Dab Vac is definitely worth looking into. If you have only just begun your journey into the fascinating world of vaporizing, the Dab Vac is a great place to start!

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Charlie Sheen OG Review

With a name like Charlie Sheen OG, you just know you are in for a wild ride! And with its impressive color, flavorful bouquet, and potent high, this appropriately named strain may just live up to the legendary Hollywood icon that bears its name.

Charlie Sheen OG
Charlie Sheen OG

Charlie Sheen OG is the offspring of some of the most respected strains around, namely Green Crack, Blue Dream, and OG Kush. An indica through and through, Charlie Sheen OG manages to somehow embody all the best qualities of those strains, and produces a heavy body hit that can knock you down and put you out for the count if you’re not careful or if you are unaccustomed to its effects. Used judiciously however, Charlie Sheen OG is a great choice for encouraging sleep, reducing pain, and easing depression.

The Green Crack genetic heritage of Charlie Sheen OG is most apparent in its flavor. With a distinctively lemony taste that is totally pleasant and not off-putting at all, this strain is worth the price for its flavor alone. Bigger hits might catch your throat a bit, but moderate puffs should go down easier.

As with many other quality strains, the effects of Charlie Sheen OG come on fast and strong. You get a sense of calm and ease within seconds, and the long comedown nicely drops you off into a sound sleep that will last for hours. Although it is not quite as frenetic or energetic as the ‘other’ Charlie Sheen, this is one strain that definitely delivers outstanding results. If you want the full body slam that only a good indica can provide, Charlie Sheen OG should definitely be on your next shopping list.

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