Struggling to get through the midweek hump that is the typical workweek Wednesday? Fear not! There is always #weedwednesday to look forward to, and what we have in store for you will surely lift the doldrums, clear the cobwebs, and otherwise make the week a lot more tolerable!

It’s the Happy Daddy Ti Globfather, which is perhaps one of the most useful accessories you could own as a dedicated dabber. Even if you already have a good selection of dabbing tools, Happy Daddy’s Ti Globfather will undoubtedly be a useful addition. Check it out below and come back next week for another #weedwednesday giveaway!

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Happy Daddy Ti Globfather: An Essential Dabbing Tool

happy daddy globfatherHaving trouble managing your oils and concentrates? Happy Daddy’s Globfather is here to help! Specifically designed for scooping up sizeable portions of concentrates, the Globfather can help you deal with the mess and fuss that is a typical part of the whole dabbing experience.

As enjoyable as dabbing may be, the challenges involved in taking the dab out of the container, placing it onto the nail of the dabbing rig, and generally making a mess in the process are definite drawbacks. The Globfather ensures that you can dab much more neatly and more efficiently, making it an essential part of your toolbox.

Durable construction

Made from high-grade titanium, the Globfather measures 4” and is equipped with a large scoop at one end that you will use for most tasks. On the other end is a curved blade that provides additional functionality for more intricate work. You can use the scoop for taking wax out of your container, for instance, and then the blade for actually placing the dab onto the nails or skillet of your dabbing rig.

Using the Globfather is as easy as can be. Happy Daddy advises that the Globfather be dipped into oil at a 45° angle, but you can position it however you see fit. Preheating your vaporizing unit is also recommended, as it will allow you to vaporize the dab much more efficiently.

Ultimate versatility

One thing you will appreciate about the Globfather is that it provides enough length for you to handle most dabbing tasks, but it isn’t long enough to be unwieldy or awkward during use. This can be especially useful if your rig is equipped with a deep nail, which can be difficult to use without burning yourself.

The Globfather greatly enhances the versatility of your rig, allowing you to use a wider variety of concentrates than you are normally able to use. CO2 crumble is a lot easier to manage for instance, and shatter – a notoriously difficult form of concentrate to manage – practically jumps onto the nail. Built to last and ideally suited for daily use, the Globfather makes the already enjoyable process of dabbing even more rewarding.

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Tangerine Dream Review

tangerine dream

Looking for a full-bodied sativa-dominant hybrid that can energize you or sedate you depending on how large your dose is? Tangerine Dream is tailor-made for you, and you might just be on to one of the most versatile strains you can come across. With its unique combination of flavors, aroma, and physical and mental effects, the aptly-named Tangerine Dream is capable of delivering a truly memorable experience.

Although the name ‘Tangerine Dream’ is partly inspired by the dreamy ambient synthesizer band from the 1970s that has undoubtedly inspired thousands of trips, the strain may just as easily have been named for the fruit. With its characteristic orange hairs and pleasantly powerful citrus smell, Tangerine Dream shares more than just a name with the delectable fruit. And once you take a good lungful of the fragrant and flavorful smoke, the tangy exhale will make you feel almost as if you had taken a bite out of a juicy tangerine.

Sativas are often better suited for recreational purposes, as they tend to provide a more focused and clear-headed high. For medical purposes, indicas are typically preferred due to their sedative effects. Although it is a sativa-dominant hybrid, Tangerine Dream actually makes a great choice for medicating due to its pain-relieving qualities. Nevertheless, it leaves you feeling energized and even euphoric, making it one of the most versatile strains around. Keep in mind that substantial amounts can keep you glued to your couch and even knock you out, but judicious use will reward you with a totally satisfactory experience.

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