Every week just keeps getting better and better and we aren’t too shy about claiming that #weedwednesday has a lot to do with it! One of the biggest, best, and most highly-anticipated giveaways of its kind, #weedwednesday has introduced some truly spectacular new products and accessories to the marijuana community.

A 420 Science Strain Contain glass jar is what we have up for grabs this week, and you will definitely want one of your very own after you read what we have to say about it. Make sure to check back next week for another fabulous #weedwednesday!

How to Win

Eager to win your own Strain Contain glass jar? Simply browse over to our Facebook page, leave a nice comment or two, and sit back and wait for the results! If you’re lucky, you could be the proud owner of a brand new Strain Contain glass jar! If you aren’t quite so fortunate this week, cheer up! You could have better luck in next week’s competition…

Strain Contain Glass Jars – Indispensable Stash Containers For Everyday Use

Strain-ContainOne of the challenges faced by weed aficionados is how to keep their herbs fresh and secure at all times. Most new users tend to go for whatever container they have handy, which could be anything from an Altoid tin to a plastic baggie, none of which provide truly satisfactory  results. At some point, you will probably want to change over to a safer, more reliable, and more elegant storage container. The good news is that you could find all those qualities in a 420 Science Strain Contain glass jar.

The Strain Contain Jar is undoubtedly one of the finest containers you could invest in. Each piece is crafted from the highest quality glass, ensuring total durability and reliability through years of daily use. If the reliability of your current stash jar has left you looking for a more dependable alternative, the Strain Contain is right up your alley.

The quality of the Strain Contain jar extends to more than just the material used in its construction. Each jar is also equipped with a high-quality ‘pop-top’ lid that keeps your herbs fresh and smelling great, with all the original flavor of the herbs preserved. If you like your herbs as fresh as the day they were picked, packing them into a Strain Contain is the ideal way to do it.

Users of the Strain Contain jar have another treat in store with the rewritable area that can be marked with a sharpie. This feature allows you to label the contents of each jar in detail, so you won’t have to open each jar in search of the strain you are looking for. Whether you sell a number of different weed varieties in your dispensary or you are simply a weed aficionado with an exterior herb collection, the rewriteable labels of the Strain Contain will undoubtedly be one of its most welcome features.

Strain Contain comes in small, medium and large sizes, so you are covered for pretty much any storage need. If you are looking for a better alternative to your current stash container, you can’t go wrong with a Strain Contain.

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Kandy Kush Strain Review

kandy kush

We all could use a good Indica-dominant strain from time to time, and Kandy Kush is definitely one of the finer examples in the category. With its deliciously fruity flavor and potent high, this is one strain that should make even the most diehard Sativa aficionado sit up and take notice.

Characterized by a sweet, lemony bouquet, a fresh, clean flavor, and a powerful high, Kandy Kush is a great strain best suited for evening use. Right at the outset however, we have to warn you that Kandy Kush exhibits its Indica qualities to the fullest. If you are accustomed to the more cerebral, mind-focused high of a Sativa, the body punch of a solid Indica-dominant strain might be a bit too much for you to handle. Nevertheless, this particular strain can be tremendously useful as a sleep aid or a pain reliever, and it could work wonders as an anti-nausea medication as well. In moderate doses, Kandy Kush might just provide you with one of the most satisfying highs you could ever experience.

Even if you have some experience with Indicas, Kandy Kush might take some getting used to. Most users experience a powerful couch-lock effect that is by no means unpleasant. One of the best things about Kandy Kush is that it is potent and powerful as needed, but it can also mellow you out and provide a totally relaxing experience. Make sure to have plenty of tasty treats around, as this strain has been known to cause an especially strong case of the munchies.

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