The days just seem to fly by and before we know it, another #weedwednesday is upon us! The most fabulous, the most outrageous, and the most generous giveaway of its kind on the internet – and anywhere else for that matter – #weedwednesday offers our readers the opportunity to win some truly amazing accessories and gift items.

This week, we are giving away one Quartz Banger Nail each to three lucky people, so you have more chances of winning. To find out more about this essential dabbing accessory and how to win one, read on to the rest of this page. Be sure to check back next week for another #weedwednesday competition and more prizes!


How To Win

Want to win your very own Quartz Banger Nail? Of course you do, and we certainly can’t blame you! We’ve made it almost too easy for you to win one; simply head over to our Facebook page, leave a few words of comment, and stand back and let the fireworks begin! With any luck, you could be one of three winners of the fabulous Quartz Banger Nail! Check back again next week for another #weedwednesday and another cool prize!



Quartz Banger Nails – Dabbing Perfected

Quartz Banger Nail
The curved neck minimized heat transfer throughout the nail, increasing the durability.

Like most dabbing aficionados, you are probably always on the lookout for some accessory or another that will make your dabbing experience more enjoyable. As far as nails go, you may as well end your search now as Quartz Banger Nails could be the last nails you will ever need to ensure a totally satisfactory dabbing experience. Precision crafted from the finest materials available, Quartz Banger Nails will take your dabs to unparalleled heights of satisfaction and pleasure.

Made from durable material

As the name implies, Quartz Banger Nails are made from high-quality quartz, which is by far the best material you could possibly use for nails. Durable, reliable, and visually impressive, quartz also ensures a totally smooth and clean dabbing experience, with all the flavor, aroma, and potency of your dabs retained. With Quartz Banger Nails, you really get to experience the quality of your dabs to the fullest, with less harshness than you would experience with other nails. If you already have a favorite dabbing rig that you use on a regular basis, a Quartz Banger Nail is just the perfect add-on accessory that will boost performance several times over.

Variety of joint sizes

Quartz Banger Nails come in a variety of female joint sizes, including 10 mm, 14 mm, and 18 mm. Designed to fit over virtually any commercially available male joint, Quartz Banger Nails adds increased versatility and performance to your current rig. Even if you are already satisfied with the performance you are getting out of your current rig, simply adding a Quartz Banger Nail to the mix will take your dabbing to the next level of high performance and efficiency. Best of all, you get the smooth, clean-tasting experience that only a high-quality quartz nail can provide.

Quartz Banger Nails feature bent glass tubes that direct heat away from the main vapor rig. This goes a long way in reducing heat stress and premature joint cracking. The Quartz Banger also features an open dish design in which both oils and concentrates can be placed. This design feature further reduces breakage while ensuring the efficiency of your entire oil rig.


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White Kush Strain Review

White Kush

Looking for the deep-down body relief that only a good Indica can provide but still want to retain some semblance of mental clarity? White Kush is the perfect match for you, and you might just find its blend of Indica and Sativa qualities to be ideally suited for almost any medical and recreational purpose. An Indica-dominant strain that nevertheless bears many of the finer attributes of a good Sativa, White Kush is an amazingly versatile and friendly strain that could very well become one of your favorites.

Most Indicas tend to provide a more body-oriented effect that is great for relaxing, inducing sleep, or for pain relief. However, Indicas generally aren’t recommended for situations wherein you need to retain some mental clarity or focus. White Kush neatly addresses this issue by providing you with that soothing body relief that only an Indica can provide, while still allowing you to retain focus and productivity. This makes the strain ideally suited to medical marijuana patients as well as recreational users, who will find that White Kush is a good choice for any time of day. If you frequently find yourself opting for a Sativa early in the day and then switching to an Indica as the day winds down, you may find that White Kush alone provides all the qualities you need from weed from sun-up to sun-down.

White Kush has a deliciously light and fragrant smoke with just a hint of citrus and pepper taste. Although the whole buds are quite pungent, breaking them up releases a delectable coffee aroma. With its enticing blend of Indica and Sativa properties, White Kush is a great choice for overall use.


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