#weedwednesday is always a highly anticipated event around these parts, but this week promises to be something truly special! Already one of the most fabulous giveaways of its kind in the online world, #weedwednesday ups the ante this week by offering no less than three giveaways to three different winners!

You read right: this week’s #weedwednesday will have three winners, so you have more chances to win! Up for grabs are three lots of Boveda humidity packets, so you definitely want to be one of those winners! Read on to find out how and to learn more about the amazingly useful Boveda humidity packs! Tune in also next week for another #weedwednesday giveaway!

How to Win

Do you want to be one of the three lucky winners of a Boveda humidity pack this week? Of course you do! And the good news is that you get the chance to do so simply by leaving a comment on your rad, fab Facebook page! Be sure to check back next week for another #weedwednesday, and another chance to win an awesome prize!

Boveda Humidity Packs – Keeps Your Herbs A Fresh As The Day They Were Picked!

boveda humidity packOne of the most common challenges of being a herb user is keeping your product fresh. It can seem as though newly-bought herbs can begin to lose smell and potency over time. What can you do to keep your costly and previously fresh-tasting and fresh-smelling herbs nice and fresh? The answer lies in an ingenious invention called the Boveda humidity pack.

Two-way humidity control

Boveda humidity packs are billed as ‘two-way humidity control’ devices that produce RH in precisely controlled amounts. They are designed to be placed in your humidor in order to absorb excess humidity that could cause the rapid and premature deterioration of your herb’s quality. With this benefit alone, Boveda humidity packs could be an invaluable addition to your list of herbal accessories.

Boveda humidity packs have a further benefit as well. Unlike other humidity control devices or substances, Boveda humidity packs will not impart any unpleasant smells, flavors, or colors to your herb. In fact, you could place one of these packs right alongside your herbs without affecting them one bit.

Store to your personal preference

Of course, all herbs are different, as are our tastes. How do we ensure that each user can store their weed to their exact preference? Boveda humidity packs come in various different RH concentrations, including 65%, 69%, 72%, and 75%, allowing you to fine-tune the humidity levels in your container. If your herb tends to dry out quickly, the 72% and 75% concentrations might be more suitable to your needs. If your herb seems to stay fresh for longer periods on its own, the lower concentration packs might be a better options.

Easy to use

Boveda humidity pack are extremely simple to use. All you have to do is place a packs into your herb container of choice and leave it to do its job. Each pack lasts can last up to a year, and you can easily tell that it is time to replace the pack when it dries up and becomes stiff to the touch. For keeping your herbs fresh and tasty, you simply can’t do better than Boveda humidity packs.

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Platinum NorCal Strain Review

platinum norcal

Whether for medicinal and recreational use, Indicas have a number of benefits that are not provided by Sativas. No matter how much you may value your Sativas, you will undoubtedly have a need – or even just a yearning – for a good Indica from time to time. Platinum NorCal is a prime example of an Indica, and it could well be the only one of its type that you will ever need.

Bred by noted growers The Pharmacy, Platinum NorCal is every bit the powerful Indica of lore. It packs a punch that is by no means unpleasant, and it is an amazingly effective sleep aid, muscle relaxant, stress reliever, and pain relief medication.

Of course, like all good Indicas, part of the allure of Platinum NorCal is its body-numbing potency. As useful as such a heavy, body-high oriented strain can be, it can be a bit too much when taken in excessive quantities. For a strain that packs this much power, it would really be best to go easy on the dose, and to avoid doing anything that requires focus and concentration while using it.

That being said, there is no better strain when the unique and distinctive effects of a powerful Indica are what you are after. Keep in mind though that this strain can taste somewhat ‘earthy’, and the smell leans toward the slightly sour. Nevertheless, Platinum NorCal smokes very smoothly, and the minty tones in the flavor add quite a bit to the experience. For an Indica that you can use for medicinal purposes and enjoy for recreation as well, Platinum NorCal is a great choice.

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