Wednesday is upon us once again, which means that it is time for another fantastic #weedwednesday giveaway! #weedwednesday is quickly becoming known for its host of astounding prizes, and this week offers more of the same with the innovative Doob Tube Tobacco Taster!

We actually have two Doob Tube Tobacco Tasters to give away this week so you have even more chances of winning. Read on to find out more about the Doob Tube Tobacco Taster and how to win one of your own. Stay tuned for another #weedwednesday next week!

How to Win

Ready and raring to win your own Doob Tube Tobacco Taster? It’s as easy as pie! All you have to do is head over to our fabulous Facebook page, leave us a comment, and you are automatically in the running for a Doob Tube Tobacco Taster! Remember, we have two winners this week, so you have a good chance of winning! Good luck and see you at next week’s #weedwednesday!

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The Doob Tube Tobacco Taster: Outstanding Convenience And Versatility

Looking for a quick and convenient solution that will allow you to medicate on-the-go and have a handy container too? The Doob Tube Tobacco Taster fits the bill to a ‘T’ and it could be one of the most useful accessories to add to your collection. Coming from the same company that brought you the innovative Doob Tube, the Doob Tube Tobacco Taster offers the same excellent build quality and stylish design.

Stealth on-the-move operation

The Doob Tube Tobacco Taster neatly addresses the perennial need to have a quick and easy dosing solution on-the-go with the convenience of a handy container. Based on the original Doob Tube that provided safe and secure airtight operation, the Doob Tube Tobacco Taster goes an extra step further with the addition of a quality chillum stored inside the unit. With this device, you can simply carry it wherever you go, take the chillum out to take a hit, and store it away inside. With no smell escaping due to the airtight lid design, you can medicate quickly and discreetly anywhere, without anyone being the wiser.

Available in three varieties

The Doob Tube Tobacco Taster comes in three different varieties: Clear, Colored, and Clear Decal. Each of these units offers unparalleled versatility and convenience, and they are all equally suitable for everyday use. The Clear is the smallest model in the line, with a compact form factor that makes it perfect for travel. The Colored model features a glass taster that fits inside the standard-sized Doob Tube, and is great for everyday use. The Clear Decaled model also fits the regular Doob Tube and comes with a glass tobacco taster.

Nowadays, you need a solution that will allow you to medicate anytime and anywhere, while maintaining privacy and discretion. The Doob Tube Tobacco Taster is ideally suited for this purpose, and it delivers maximum performance and versatility at an attractive price. If you want to be able to enjoy the flavor and potency of your herbs without anyone being the wiser, the Doob Tube Tobacco Taster is a worthy purchase.

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Presidential OG Strain Review

Presidential OG

This is one strain that truly deserves the Top Dog spot! Presidential OG is the name, and it offers a winning combination of potency and flavor. If you are looking for a strain that delivers deep down body sensations that only a good Indica can provide, Presidential OG is one of your very best options.

Like all Indicas, Presidential OG is decidedly body-focused, with a heavy and sedating effect that is marvelously suited for pain relief, sleep inducement, and relaxation. It can be used most any time of day, although it is probably best suited for nighttime use due to its heavy, soporific effect. It’s got to be said, if you are planning to do any type of work that requires manual dexterity and/or mental concentration, Presidential OG is probably not the best choice.

When taken according to its intended purpose however, Presidential OG truly shines. Its body-oriented effects lasts for up to two hours or more, making it one of the best strains for relieving pain or inducing sleep. It is hardly any wonder then that Presidential OG is especially sought after among medical marijuana patients in need of effective and long -lasting pain relief.

The flavor of Presidential OG may take some getting used to, but it is by no means unpleasant. Full and earthy like the classic OG strains, Presidential OG may also exhibit hints of a medicinal flavor. Nevertheless, users will be rewarded by a pleasurable and relaxing experience that surpasses that of even other highly-regarded Indicas.

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