If you are a hardcore marijuana smoker, you probably already have a few different kinds of pipes in your collection, each made out of different materials. Wood and metal are common choices for smoking implements, and they each provide a number of advantages that make them ideally suited for smoking marijuana. However, glass may just be the most suitable material for smoking weed, for a number of important reasons. If you haven’t gotten hip to the use of glass yet, the information contained here is definitely worth reading.

How glass is implemented in smoking equipment

brushed-glass-rigGlass is most commonly seen in pipes and bongs, in which they can be the primary material or at least be an integral component. Some pipes combine glass with wood or metal, with each component utilized for its unique qualities. Glass may be used for the stem for example, with the bowl and the mouthpiece being made out of wood. Because of the transparency of the glass, it is much easier to see whether or not the pipe needs cleaning.

Other pipes may be made entirely out of glass. Blown glass pieces are fairly common in head shops and on the Internet, and they are ubiquitous enough to be standard issues in some circles. Affordable, attractive, and very effective, glass pipes should be a part of anyone’s collection.


Why glass is the better option

As for the reasons why glass is a good option for smoking, the smoothness is probably the most significant one. Smoking out of a clean glass pipe is always a pleasurable experience, and there are no funky flavors or odors that will get between you and the smoke. Some types of metal can actually pose a serious health risk as the toxins they contain leach into the smoke after repeated heating. Wood isn’t always much better in this regard, as some types of wood can emit fumes that are almost just as harmful as those emitted by metal.dirty bong

With glass on the other hand, there is virtually nothing that will pass through into your lungs expect the smoke from your weed. Because glass is an almost entirely inert material, smoking out of it is as safe as it can possibly be. For this reason alone, glass is clearly the best option.

Speaking of ‘clearly’ glass also makes it easier for you to see if your pipe needs cleaning. Because of its transparency, you will be able to determine how much deposits have built up in the interior of the pipe. If you are the type who hates smoking out of dirty pipes, glass is the best way to stay on top of things.

Drawbacks to glass

No material is perfect of course, and glass does have some drawbacks of its own. It can break fairly easily when dropped, which can be quite distressing when it happens to a prized piece. Some of the better models can also be quite pricey, which makes breakage an even more distressing occurrence. Nevertheless, the many advantages of glass make these risks worth it, and a little care should ensure that your glass piece lasts a good long time.


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