Have you considered implementing a hydroponics system for growing marijuana? Such systems can be very effective for growing high-quality plants and ensuring bountiful harvests. Even if you have always achieved spectacular results by growing your marijuana plants in soil, there are many reasons why it might be in your best interests to adopt a hydroponics system.

hydroponics systemsHydroponics essentially involves growing plants without soil. The system typically involves the use of interconnected pipes or tubing, in which the plants are placed, with the roots of the plants immersed in a flowing solution in which the require nutrients are passed through. These systems are especially useful in cold climates, where growing plants in soil is impractical and/or impossible.

Among the benefits of hydroponics systems are:

  • Better control over the nutrients
  • Freedom from climate and location-based restrictions
  • More effective pest control
  • Lower cost due to a self-sustaining system
  • Higher yields
  • Better overall quality of your plants

Because your plants are placed in a carefully monitored system, you have much more control over nutrient intake. With soil-based systems, there is always a risk of under-nourishing or over-nourishing your plants, both of which can be detrimental to the yield and quality of your harvest. With hydroponics systems, you will be better able to identify nutrient deficiencies or over-nourishment, and therefore make the appropriate changes as necessary.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to opt for a hydroponics system is to be able to cultivate plants whenever and wherever you wish. Hydroponics systems can be installed indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, which means that you can grow marijuana all year ’round.

More effective pest control

Hydroponics systems give you much more control over pests. Because such systems are typically installed indoors, you automatically avoid the majority of pests that typically plague soil-based systems. Any instances of pest infestations are also more easily detected, allowing you to take action quickly before too much damage can be done to your plants.

Lower cost due to a self-sustaining system

Hydroponics systems can be set up to be entirely self-sustaining, which will go a long way in reducing your operational costs. Some growers have even set up their system with fish tanks that produce the necessary nutrients for the plants, with the discarded plant material then being brewed into a ‘tea’ that serves as fish food. With such a system, you can reduce operational costs considerably.

Higher yields

Better control over the nutrients and environmental factors help ensure higher overall yields. When you add to that the possibility of growing plants all year ’round, you can realize much higher yields in general. Lower incidences of pest infestations will also help you get more product per harvest.

Better overall quality of your plants

Finally, hydroponics systems help ensure the much higher quality of your product. Because you can more closely monitor the nutrition and growing environment, you can grow plants that are hardier, and much more potent and more flavorful than that which you could get from a soil-based system.


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