Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.White Kush Strain

Genetics: Afghan Kush X White Widow.

Appearance: Pale green and muted orange.

Smell: Strong and sour.

Potency: Very powerful.

Taste: A little fruity.

Summary: White Kush is a solid choice for relaxing and night-smoking.


This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Anyone who loves a hard-hitting kush can’t go wrong with the White Kush strain. Its White Whidow influences are obvious, with some great physical highs to ease that pain and relax the body. Ideal for hanging out with friends and socializing, you wouldn’t know this wasn’t 100% indica if we hadn’t told you. Now, we may be partial to White Widow and kushes in general, but we don’t feel biased when we say this is one of our favorite strains, hands down.

5/5 stars.



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