Any time of day is a good time for sparking up. Morning, noon, or night, a fat bowl always goes down nice. The light of day, the dark of night – hell, it’s even fun to smoke weed in your dreams.

Marijuana Snow BongBut some settings are better than others for the world’s greenest pastime. Try holding your joint together in the face of a hurricane and you’ll see what we mean.

So what’s the best weather for toking? And where are the best places to find it?

The Height of Summer

Summer is the season of the outdoors. And could there be a better backdrop to toking than blue skies, sandals, and a day at the park? Granted, you’re not supposed to light up in most parks, but really, who cares?

Of course, make sure you spend the outdoor season outdoors. There are times when it’s fine to hole up in your apartment with a lid and some video games – times such as autumn, spring, and winter. Leave summer for stoned baseball games, stoned bike rides, and stoned firecracker displays.

Actually, maybe scratch that last one.

Winter in the Tropics

It may feel like summer all year ’round, but winter is definitely the best season to hit the tropics. And nothing passes the time like an easy day at the beach with some coconut, some rum, and a big, juicy blunt.

Jamaica is perhaps the best bet for stoners. Pot was recently decriminalized there and will soon be legal for medical use. It’s also just ridiculously easy to find, and as a tourist you’re all but expected to try it. Or you could visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, where pot is both decriminalized and relatively plentiful.

Beach MarijuanaIn a Snowstorm

Some people prefer sweet, hot, lousy winter drinks during a snowstorm – your hot toddys, your Tom and Jerrys, and your what-have-yous. Stoners know better: Cannabis is the best companion on a cold, blustery day.

Since you’ll be trapped indoors anyway, use snowstorms as a chance to try out new bongs and launch elaborate DIY toking projects. This year, see if you can’t put your mother’s holiday turkey baster to good use for once.

In a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms may drive you indoors on the best of days, but after all, isn’t that where you keep your weed? Take advatage of the occasional downpour to huddle under a gazebo or other romantic-like structure and toke with someone you love. Or else just maybe polish off a few rips and then dance in the rain like you’re high. Because you are.

Tornado Shelters

Short of lighting a bowl while skydiving, there’s no better opportunity than a storm shelter for mixing pure adrenaline and high-quality dope. Feel the wind howling outside. Say your prayers. And why not have a fatty while the world ends?

Not that we’ve tried it, but there really can’t be any better feeling than walking away from an F-4 while still high as a kite. Best. Day. Ever.


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