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wulf mods digital tundraUp this week is the innovative Wulf Vape Digital Tundra, which aims to take vaporizing technology to a whole new level of performance and satisfaction. Read on to find out more about it – and how to win one! – and check back next week for another #weedwednesday and another spectacular giveaway next week!


How to Win

If the Wulf Vape Digital Tundra is something that appeals to your vaping sensibilities (as it should!), the good news is that getting your hands on one is as easy as can be! Simply check out our Facebook page, leave us a nice comment, and wait for the results! Check back next week as well for another great #weedwednesday giveaway!
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Wulf Vape Digital Tundra–A Great Vape Made Even Better!

Digital TundraVaporizers are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but few models really stand out and make much of an impression. With the release of Wulf Mods‘ Digital Tundra, however, the company has not only produced a passable vaporizer, but has also managed to take vape-tech to a whole new level of elegance and efficiency. If the current crop of vapes on the market today has left you less than impressed, the Wulf Vape Digital Tundra might just be the one that makes a lasting impression.

Affordably priced

With the vaporizer market dominated by such stellar offerings as VaporBLUNT’s Pinnacle Pro and Ploom’s Pax Vaporizer, Wulf Vape’s Digital Tundra makes an impressive showing with a combination of the most notable features of both models. In many ways, the Digital Tundra can be said to be the ideal merging of both. Consistently high-quality results are par for the course with the Digital Tundra, which is all the more impressive given its reasonable price tag of just over $200.

Loaded full of features

More than just a rehash or a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation of most modern vaporizer features, the Digital Tundra actually takes vaporizer technology several steps further into the realm of excellence and reliability. Although it offers many of the best features of the Pax, it is a far superior product in many ways. It stays much cooler in use for one thing, and the fact that you can keep the mouthpiece attached while changing the temperature setting is a definite plus. Like many other modern vaporizers, it is also nice and compact, making it ideally suited to taking with you wherever you go.

Stylish exterior

One of the best things about the Digital Tundra is its finish. With a cool-looking exterior that is easy to grip, this model almost begs you to pick it up and take it for a spin. In actual use, the model shows off even more of its outstanding qualities, with an easy-to-open top oven that makes cleaning a cinch. It also holds quite a generous amount of herbal material, which keeps reloading to a minimum. All-in-all, the Wulf Vape Digital Tundra delivers spectacular performance at a very attractive price.

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Ice OG review

Ice-OG-620x350We’ve all heard about strains that give you the legendary ‘couch lock’ effect, but Ice OG is something else entirely. Take enough of this bad boy, and you might as well throw the key to that lock away for the rest of the day! Stone-y and soporific – but in a good way – Ice OG redefines the concept of the body high with the ability to knock you out if you’re not careful.

Don’t get us wrong; Ice OG can be used to pleasantly moderate effect if you keep your consumption controlled. But if you are looking for a nice, pleasantly relaxing high that leaves you in a reasonably reasonable state, there are much more appropriate strains for that. Ice OG packs a definitive punch, and it isn’t shy about exhibiting its more dominant qualities.

In terms of appearance, Ice OG has a clean and fresh-looking appearance that is almost deceptive given its power and potency. With small loose buds generously covered in a snowy white frosting of trichomes, Ice OG definitely lives up to its name – at least in appearance (in terms of effect is another matter; more on that later). Grinding up the bud gives more reason to be impressed, as a rich fruity aroma is exuded.

Not surprisingly, Ice OG is a great medicinal aid for relaxation and sleep inducement. Although drawing comparisons to ice due to its frosty appearance, Ice OG has a physical effect that is quite the opposite of its name. A few hits of this enigmatic bud will produce a warm feeling in the muscles of the body, particularly in the head, neck, and shoulders, but also in the back, thighs, and calfs. With this quality, Ice OG is one of the best herbal solutions for pain relief and relaxation.

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