Hey gang! It’s Wednesday once again, which can only mean one thing. You guessed it: it’s time for another fantastic #weedwednesday giveaway! If you’ve been following us for the past several weeks, you already know that #weedwednesday gives you the chance to win some truly awesome prizes.

This week is no different, and what we have in store for you will surely be a welcomed addition to your collection! We’re giving away a Custom Machete from Happy Daddy, and you will definitely be itching to have it in your grubby little paws! Read on to find out more about this stylish and handy device and how to get ahold of it.

How to Win

If the Custom Machete is exactly what you need to add to your collection of dabbing tools, and you want the chance to win one of your very own, we’ve made it amazingly simple for you! All it takes is a few words of comment on our Facebook page, and Happy Daddy’s Custom Machete may soon be yours! Stay tuned also for another #weedwednesday giveaway next week!
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Custom Machete – Handle Your Concentrates with Style

happy daddy custom macheteDabbing in becoming increasingly popular with every day that passes. As people begin to recognize the health benefits of smoking marijuana in this way, more and more people are investing in their first dabbing rig and tools. There are numerous dabbers, scrapers and entire tool kits on the market, but few come close to the coolness that emanates from Happy Daddy’s Custom Machete.

Crafted with a Buddha Bomb tip

This custom model is fashioned with a Happy Daddy’s famous Buddha Bomb tip to make loading waxes easier than ever. It has been carefully crafted with a hole which allows your concentrates to heat up more uniformly, making them last that extra bit longer.

Made from durable titanium

Made from rugged Grade 2 pure titanium, you know that your Happy Daddy Custom Machete will last years of regular use. You can rest assured that you will not need to replace this tool a little bit down the line. Given that these are custom pieces, and are therefore not made in mass, the available colors will depend on the particular tool.

A review on the Happy Daddy website perfectly sums up the stellar performance that the Custom Machete provides:

Happy Daddy

King George Strain Review

King George strain

With a name like King George, you can bet that this strain delivers a fabulously royal experience! Also known as King Kush, this decidedly heavy and potent Indica truly rules the cannabis kingdom with its imposing high, which is a clear sign of its abundant THC content. Very few Indicas come close to the sheer power and authority of King George, and you will find it to be an excellent choice for inducing relaxation, serenity, and ultimately, a deep and restful sleep.

Like most powerful Indicas, King George can be a tad bit scratchy on the draw and the outtake, but it never really gets unpleasant. Consider it a sign of a truly potent herb, but the flavor sensations produced by this majestic bud leaves no doubt of its classy lineage.

Those who aren’t quite keen on the heavy, pummeling high of a quality Indica will likely want to err on the side of caution when firing up this heavy hitter, but King George truly comes into its own when ingested in generous quantities. Dosing up liberally on it will give you the maximum benefits of its soporific effect, so if you want a bud that will relax and invigorate you, King George might not be your first choice. However, those looking for a strong and lasting body high – and all the benefits that come with it – will not be disappointed.

With medium buds of bright green interspersed with orange hairs and sprinkled with a generous coating of crystalline frosting, King George has an appearance that perfectly represents its power. Check it out at your nearest dispensary and you will no doubt willingly submit yourself to its rule!

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